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As a key supplier of packaging to growers, shippers, repackers, and other food suppliers, Cool Pak LLC designs and manufactures a variety of trays, tills, tubs, clamshells, and domed containers that are used to package, transport, and sell fresh produce. Recently, company growth and increasing customer demand for innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solutions prompted management to transition its design function in-house.


Cool Pak chose SOLIDWORKS design software because it is easy to use, facilitates mold development, and is fully integrated with the Gold Partner-Certified CAMWorks® machining system, which the company uses to run its CNC equipment to create tooling. By implementing SOLIDWORKS, Cool Pak cut its development cycles, moved from design to prototype mold in a single week, reduced waste throughout its customers’ supply chains, and built its own internal design capability.


  • Cut development cycles by 75%
  • Moved from design to prototype mold in a single week
  • Reduced waste throughout customer supply chains by over 35%
  • Built an internal design capability


Industry: Manufacturing and Electronics