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Mega Brands, Inc., the world’s second largest marketer of toy building blocks wants to become the best and fastest growing toy company in the world. To achieve that goal, Mega Brands, Inc. management decided to upgrade the company’s 2D design and engineering tools to 3D to shorten design cycles and give designers the necessary tools for creating innovative, complex products.


Mega Brands, Inc. chose the SOLIDWORKS CAD software because of its short learning curve and robust 3D capabilities including complex shapes, surfaces, and assemblies. By deploying the SOLIDWORKS Professional suite, Mega Brands, Inc. has removed unnecessary steps from the design cycle; used complex shape, surfacing, and assembly capabilities to create more innovative product designs; reduced prototype development costs; and improved the management of product design data.


  • Removed unnecessary steps from the development cycle
  • Reduced prototype development costs
  • Designed more complex shapes, surfaces, and assemblies
  • Improved the management of product design data


Industry: Manufacturing and Electronics