Electrical Component Library | SolidWorks® Electrical by SolidXperts

SolidWorks Electrical is a product that can be easily integrated into an electrical schematic design. The biggest advantage is that you can insert in SolidWorks the electrical components in the 3D model. Since the schematic is already designed, SolidWorks is able to determine the necessary components and add the files of the components according to the pattern established.

But, in order to design schematic diagrams quickly, it is important to have an integrated library of manufacturer parts. This library is available directly from the SolidWorks Electrical content portal.

solidworks-electrical-1 solidworks-electrical-2

Click here to access the SolidWorks Electrical Library

Among the selection of sites that offer libraries, we pay special attention to the new SolidWorks Electrical portal. This portal is FREE, and all you have to do is register to gain access. This site offers the majority of product providers required for your schematic diagrams.

There is also a very informative portal called “TracePartsOnline” which allows you to navigate and select different types of components.


Click here to access the TraceParts CAD Portal

Click here to view the SolidXperts Tech Tip on Electrical Component Library


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