Shipping :


  1. Software: Delivery of all software items is by electronic means and is usually completed within 48 hours of purchase order reception.
  2. Hardware and consumables: SolidXperts is a reseller and as such shipping is subject to availability from the manufacturer. Shipping of all items in stock is completed within 48 hours from order receipt. All non-stock items will be ordered within 24 hours of receiving the order and delivery is dependent on the manufacturer. Approximate lead time can be provided upon request.
  3. Shipping costs will be invoiced to the customer. The customer may request to have the shipping charged to its direct account if possible. SolidXperts cannot guarantee this but will make every effort to do so if applicable.



Cancellation, Refund, Return:


  1. All sales are final upon purchase order reception and are not subject to cancellation, refund, return, changes or reductions in amount, or suspension of deliveries except upon the Company’s prior written consent.
  2. Customer acknowledges and agrees that the Software shall be licensed to Customer under terms and conditions contained in a license appearing on a computer screen during installation of the Software (commonly referred to as a “click-through” license). Customer and SolidXperts agree that the terms and conditions of any click-through license contained in the Software are hereby incorporated by reference into the Agreement as if fully set forth herein. Customer agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions in any click-through license contained in the Software, regardless of whether the Software generating such click-through license is installed by Customer’s employee or by SolidXperts or an independent contractor installing the Software for Customer’s use. SolidXperts will provide a copy of such a click-through license to the Customer upon request.
  3. SolidXperts may, at its sole discretion, agree to exchange unopened hardware or consumables. Such an exchange must be requested by the customer in writing and accepted by SolidXperts in writing along with details of the items being exchanged. No return may be initiated before prior written consent of both parties. SolidXperts may apply a restocking fee to the exchange and will inform the customer of this before initiating the return. Shipping fees to return the original items and ship the replacement items will be invoiced to the customer.


For further questions or inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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