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SOLIDWORKS and DriveWorks allow for one product to be categorized
into infinite design possibilities

Make each of your projects

customizable and adaptable to all needs

SOLIDWORKS, DriveWorks and SolidXperts allow you to make each of your designs customizable to a specific project based on your needs or those of your customers. With automation, you set pre-established standards that are adaptable to demand. In addition, each change generates manufacturing drawings, nomenclature, and a quote. Going further, DriveWorks live allows your customers to make custom-made changes to your products directly from your website, which is perfect for meeting their demands. With SolidXperts, take advantage of consulting services and turnkey solutions.

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of automation


Increase flexibility

You respond to your customers’ requests in a much shorter time.


A quick return on investment

The benefits are immediately noticeable and you can realize your designs much faster.


Benefit from an accompaniment

SolidXperts helps you and gives you the advice and solutions to get the most out of automation.

They trust us

We have the solution

For any specific needs, contact us!

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The benefits

of automation

An exponential time saving opportunity

No need to mobilize your teams to modify a design for every request from your customers. There are no more delays because processes are now instantaneous.

You show the extent of your know-how

Demonstrate that your designs are able to precisely meet the specific needs of each of your customers and showcase the quality and versatility of your products.





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