A powerful suite of tools programmed by the Xperts, purpose-built to streamline your PDM Professional software solutions.

Take your SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional experience to new heights with PDMXperts, the ultimate suite of tools designed to supercharge your productivity and streamline your data management workflow. Packed with innovative features and seamless integrations, PDMXperts empowers you to accomplish more with your PDM Professional ecosystem than ever before.


  • Create revision documents,
  • Leverage one of our most popular custom tools: CutXperts,
  • Instantly repair assembly references,
  • Streamline your workflows with automatic custom notifications,
  • Easily view tasks,
  • And more!

PDMXperts is a suite of tools specifically for PDM, where ToolsXperts is built specifically to augment SOLIDWORKS. Though there is no overlap between the two suites, they are both powerful, dedicated toolkits designed to make your 3D design journey more efficient.

Compatible with PDM Professional, PDMXperts is available for free to customers with PDM maintenance with us. Contact the Xperts for more information or to upgrade your 3D design data management capabilities.

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