SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

A CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) solution geared to guide you on the fluid flow and thermal performance of your products throughout your design process.

The Advantages

  • Flow Simulation is 100% integrated into SOLIDWORKS, so there’s no necessary translation and no accompanying loss of geometrical fidelity. Design and CFD models stay in sync, reducing re-synchronization effort and the potential for errors. 
  • Flow Simulation includes Automated Boundary Meshing, which means no manual meshing time, and no required CFD expertise. Benefit from drastically reduced execution times without sacrificing accuracy. 
  • Built-in Solution Convergence reduces the number of re-runs needed due to lack of convergence and eliminates CFD specialist tweaks that would’ve been needed to attain it. Short run times enable the staging of multiple variant scenarios. 
  • The exclusive Turbulence Model automatically determines laminar, transitional, and turbulent flow regimes without the need for you to specify flow characteristics, and directly modeling flow regimes eliminates the need for a CFD specialist. The Turbulence Model offers shorter setup times and increased model accuracy compared to traditional approaches. 
  • The Wall Function for Boundary Layers provides accurate simulations, including near-wall boundary condition effects. This function reduces the trial and error associated with near-wall setup when utilizing traditional CFD approaches. 
  • Its intuitive interface reduces setup times and delivers comprehensive results analysis and best-in-class visualization capabilities. 

Which SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation package is right for you?

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Flow Simulation

A general parametric flow simulation tool that uses the Finite Volume Method (FVM) to calculate product performance through “what if” studies that offer results that help validate your designs. 

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

HVAC Module

Dedicated to heating, cooling, and ventilation tools for simulating HVAC systems and radiation phenomena. 

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Electronics Cooling Module

Dedicated to thermal management study simulation tools for accurate thermal analysis of electronic Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and enclosure designs. 

Need a detailed comparison?

Flow Simulationn
Hvac Module
Electronics Cooling Module
Ease of Use
Design Data Reuse
Multi-parameter Optimization
Solidworks Flow Simulation capabilities
Material DataBase
2D - 3D
Heat Conduction in Solids
Free Surface
Boundary Layer Description
Mixing Flows
Non Newtonian Fluids
Flow Conditions
Thermal Conditions
Wall Condtions
Porous Components
Results Customization
Communication & Reporting
Two Phase (Fluid + Particles) Flows
Noise Prediction ( Steady State and Transient)
HVAC Conditions
Tracer Study
Comfort Parameters
Electronics Conditions

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