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SolidSteel parametric, a comprehensive 3D CAD steelwork solution seamlessly integrated into SOLIDWORKS, offers a user-friendly interface with robust construction functions, providing limitless creative possibilities in classic steelwork, plant engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Seamless Integration


SolidSteel parametric is more than just software; it’s a fully integrated solution within SOLIDWORKS. The user interface seamlessly aligns with SOLIDWORKS standards, providing a cohesive experience. The adoption of SOLIDWORKS conventions ensures users feel at home while benefiting from the advanced capabilities of SolidSteel parametric.


Enhanced Functionality


Enjoy faster and more efficient construction processes with SolidSteel parametric’s new features. The multi-select function simplifies the selection of multiple objects in a single step, streamlining the overall design experience. A preview function for placing profiles allows immediate visualization and adjustment, enhancing the comfort and ease of the design process.

Partner solutions SolidSteel

Intelligent Steel Connections


SolidSteel parametric prioritizes user comfort throughout the design process. Easily place typical steel connections, such as end plates, gusset plates, or clip angle connections, within seconds. The software intelligently selects the appropriate connection for the chosen profile section from libraries like DAST, ensuring accuracy and versatility.


Extensive Connection Options


With over 500 different connections available through integrated functions, SolidSteel parametric empowers users to create diverse steel connections effortlessly. The Assembly Manager facilitates the inclusion of entire assemblies, adapting them parametrically to new installation situations.

NC Data Export in DSTV Format


After the design phase, SolidSteel parametric simplifies the export of NC data in DSTV Format, providing essential manufacturing information for sawing angles, cope cuts and boreholes. This crucial process ensures seamless communication with manufacturing machines.

*The NC data module is available as a separate module for SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS.


Bolted Connections Made Easy


SolidSteel parametric’s bolt assistant simplifies the selection of bolts and complete bolt sets during typical steel connection creation. Users can customize bolt sets, adjusting parameters such as the number of washers, nuts, and bolt length. The software’s default settings intelligently adapt to design changes, ensuring accuracy and adherence to industry standards, including standard HV bolt sets.

Partner solutions SolidSteel
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