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Increase efficiency, reduce production costs, and speed up your design processes with DriveWorks and Design Automation training course options.

Our SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, and additive manufacturing training courses are purposefully designed to improve your use of 3D technology, optimize your design processes, and offer engineers a productivity boost. Training with SolidXperts builds a strong knowledge foundation across your entire product development team to build, visualize, simulate, and manufacture 3D designs.

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DriveWorks Solo

The DriveWorks Solo training course is designed to give users the skills and knowledge needed to successfully design, configure, and produce automated designs. This course covers how to use the software to create custom designs and quickly generate variations. Participants learn how to create custom parts, assemblies, and drawings, as well as how to manage a library of parts and assemblies. After completing the course, participants will be able to confidently create their own automated design processes and projects, and quickly generate multiple variations of a design.


Duration: 3 days (21h)


This training course will cover:


  • DriveWorks Solo interface and navigation
  •  Creating file types, rules, and variables
  •  Automation techniques and data management
  •  Creating custom user forms

DriveWorks Administrator

This DriveWorks Administrator training course is designed to help users get the most out of their DriveWorks software. This course will cover all aspects of DriveWorks Administrator, including setting up and managing users, creating project templates, creating and managing rules and forms, and automating the design process. It provides hands-on experience with the software to address best practices for working with DriveWorks, file organization, and data security. At the end of the course, users will be able to confidently administrate DriveWorks solutions to manage automated design projects.


Duration: 4 days (28h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Introduction to DriveWorks features and functions
  •  Managing projects and data with DriveWorks
  •  Creating user-friendly interfaces with DriveWorks
  •  DriveWorks best practices and troubleshooting

SWOOD Design – Essentials

SWOOD Design Essentials is a training course for anyone interested in 3D designing furniture, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects. The course focuses on the fundamentals of woodworking design, including the basics of woodworking tools, wood selection, joinery techniques, and finishing techniques. Participants learn about the properties of different materials, the different types of joinery, and the best methods for finishing their projects. Additionally, students learn techniques for designing furniture, cabinetry, and other woodworking projects in a 3D environment. By the end of the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to confidently use the SWOOD Design software.


Duration: 3 days (21h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Basic wood design tools and techniques
  •  Material selection, cutting, and joining
  •  Advanced design concepts and principles
  •  Drafting and drawing for woodworking


The SWOOD CAM training course introduces users to the tools, features, and fundamentals of CAM for woodworking using SWOOD software within SOLIDWORKS. It teaches students how to navigate the user interface and CAD environment, how to create 2D and 3D drawings, add and edit text, symbols, and images, and how to generate NC code. Students also learn best practices to ensure accuracy and an efficient workflow. Finally, users learn how to leverage the program’s output tools to produce detailed drawings, plans, and design documentation. After completing this course, users will be able to quickly and confidently use the SWOOD CAM software to create and manipulate 3D models for any woodworking project.


Duration: 2 days (14h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Programing CNC toolpaths for your wood projects
  •  4 & 5-axis machining
  •  SWOOD CAM simulation and reporting
  •  Working with textures and materials

SWOOD Advanced

The SWOOD Advanced training course gives designers a comprehensive understanding of the advanced SWOOD software tools. It builds on the fundamentals presented in SWOOD Design Essentials to teach users how to efficiently create and publish complex wood designs. The course introduces students to script programming, SWOODBox, and SWOODCenter to analyze and optimize woodworking designs, create dynamic simulations, and improve the use of SWOOD software in daily design routines. Participants learn how to work with large datasets and create custom scripts. At the end of the course, participants will be able to confidently use the SWOOD software to create complex designs.


Duration: 1 day (7h)


This training course will cover:


  •  Introduction to script programming
  •  Advanced SWOODBox toolkit
  •  Using SWOODCenter and library management
  •  Managing datasets and data exporting

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