Example of a DriveWorks PRO infrastructure recommended

DriveWorks Pro is implemented in order to offer an automation solution according to every personalization available.

SolidXperts provides the following as an example of infrastructure that we recommend to our clients to accommodate DriveWorks Pro. It is important to understand that this is a reference to help the client choose its infrastructure, but the client can deviate a little bit from the reference, because its infrastructure will be determined by its financial capacity and the level of performance expected.

The client can then choose superior hardware specifications with prevention of the evolution of the operations or inferior hardware specifications if the difference of the price is significant.

What are the components of DriveWorks Pro?

On what kind of infrastructure Driveworks Pro can be implemented?



  • According the volume of requests that will run by the external users through the DriveWorks Web portal, a reliable internet connection is to be considered.
  • According to the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and the Recovery Point Objective (RPO), the infrastructure retained could be more high-range than mid-range.

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