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SolidWorks training courses focus on fundamental skills and concepts key to ensuring your success with SolidWorks. 

SolidXperts provides both basic and advanced training of the highest quality. Our trainers are certified by DS SolidWorks Corp.

Select your training requirements by viewing the courses available for SolidWorks products, including SolidWorks, SolidWorks Simulation, SolidWorks PDM, and SolidWorks Composer. Each course includes a training book, as well as practice sessions for which each participant is given access to a computer. We recommend this course to people who have previous experience with SolidWorks.


SolidWorks Training: Enterprise PDM for Non CAD Users

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SolidXperts training courses on SOLIDWORKS software are led by a CSWI (Certified SOLIDWORKS Instructor). 

solidworks-enterprise-pdm-contributorWhat's included:

  • 1 day training course
  • Student access to their own computer station
  • SOLIDWORKS EPDM-Contributor manual


Who Should Attend?  

This training course is for those who are new to SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM, who will be using SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM to manage non-CAD data and participate in the workflow. Students will learn about various SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM principles, as well as user environment configuration and reporting.

Training Objectives

Learn the concepts required for optimal use of SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM

  • SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM principals
  • Know how to access documents
  • Manage document lifecycles and revision control
  • Use SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM workflow


*Time will be allocated at the end of each lesson. A certificate will be given to the student to attest the successful completion of the course.


For anyone attending this course, the following prerequisites are necessary:

  • Experience with the Windows™ operating system
  • Knowledge of SOLIDWORKS file structure and referencing
  • Basic experience with SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM software

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Customer Stories



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