We even help scan… Mastodons!


We always knew that the Creaform products were versatile, but sometimes their application surprises and amazes even us!

The University of Michigan owns a Handyscan 3D, which is made available to its research staff for various projects. In their own words, “this method of scanning is perfect for not only capturing an object’s basic form but also the details of its surface, since the laser is often of very high accuracy”.

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How Olympus makes the most out of their HandyPROBE from Creaform!


Serge Bonsaint, Technical Manager at Creaform, was recently faced with the following challenge: How to inspect a large metallic part according to the specifications of a 2D drawing, and then produce a report certifying the part conformity.

The HandyPROBE belongs to Creaform’s Québec city-based client, Olympus, and is used for non destructive inspection (NDT) with ultrasounds to assess the structural and physical integrity of metallic bars.

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Creaform’s Go!SCAN 3D Handheld and White Light 3D Scanner Showcased at EuroMOLD 2012


Creaform, the leader in portable 3D measurement technologies will be showcasing at EuroMOLD 2012 its latest innovation: the Go!SCAN 3D handheld white light 3D scanner. Launched in early October, the Go!SCAN 3D features intelligent hybrid positioning and highly intuitive scanning process. It can be used with the Go!MODEL complementary post-treatment and modeling software that allows the creation of watertight meshes & NURBS surface models from 3D scan files.

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