Think it, Print it, Use it! – Part III

Additive manufacturing, more possibilities than what you think.

At SolidXperts, we do not manufacture products but we use Markforged 3D printers to come up with solid and durable solutions.
We started, some time ago, a series of customized tools manufactured in-house to prove to you that the Markforged printers can print everything you need and everything you can think of!

Since moving to our new offices, we have been looking for “THE” key to open the soap box and toilet paper dispensers.

Several efforts have been made to find the right key, but unfortunately, none seemed to be conclusive.
We ordered a key from Amazon and found many similar models on another online store. We ordered them hoping that at least one would work. The result was very deceiving…
Waste of time and money!


Finally, Charles-Olivier Provost, Product Manager-3D Printer at SolidXperts spent some time designing a key on SOLIDWORKS and he printed it on Markforged


4684-2Designing the key in SOLIDWORKS

4684-32 printed pieces for assembly

4684-42 pieces assembled to form the key

Et voilà!


This is an example among many others!
Imagine what Markforged printers can do for you; replacement parts, tooling, custom-made support …
All you have to do is create, print and use!

For more information about Markforged’s 3D printers, call us 1-877-876-5439 or Contact us online

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