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By Elene Teolis – PDM Application Specialist at SolidXperts

Effectiveness: PDM Professional 2018 and more recent / UtilsXperts

It is possible to configure a PDM task for CutXperts, a flattening export tool in dwg / dxf format, developed by SolidXperts.

For more information on CutXperts:

CutXperts is integrated into the UtilsXperts utilities that you can download for free here.



Here are the steps to follow:

1- If you are a UtilsXperts user, get the sxTaskAddInForCutXperts PDM add-in from SolidXperts technical Support.

2- You will receive a cex file to open in the administration tool: PDM Administration Tool / File / Open CutXpertsPDMTask_2018070900_forPDM2018.cex

3- Drag and drop the add-in sxTaskAddInForCutXperts into the add-ins on the left





4- Right click on Tasks / New task




5- Choose the ‘SolidXperts Task Add-In for CutXperts’ add-in and configure the task, just like you would any other PDM task.




You can then start the task manually or from the workflow. Remember to install the UtilsXperts on the computer running the tasks!