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Ever wonder how to improve graphic performance in SOLIDWORKS?

by Alexandre Tétrault – Application Specialist at SolidXperts

Have you ever encountered files that take time to open, or rotated a model that was erratic? If so, you may be dealing with performance issues.

There are several factors that can improve or affect the performance of the software. One of these factors is the graphics card. SOLIDWORKS greatly depends on the hardware acceleration of the graphics card for its operation. Without an appropriate graphics card, the software performance might be worse. As demonstrated in the video below.

Graphics performance is improved in SOLIDWORKS 2019.

SOLIDWORKS 2019 offers many graphics processing improvements. Large assembly mode now disables many resource-intensive features for faster view manipulation. When handling large assemblies, users experience less image loss (hash) due to a greater amount of graphical processing performed directly on the card. Users of high-end graphics cards now see better performance compared to low-end graphics cards. For NVIDIA graphics card users, a new pipelining option has been introduced in SOLIDWORKS 2019, which allows the software to have direct access to the GPU for calculations. It uses the CUDA platform that was developed by NVIDIA for simple and elegant access to the GPU without having to go through the operating system. You can watch the video below to see how to enable improved graphics performance.