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You’ve all read our previous blogs, so you know that 2018 is SolidXperts’ 20th anniversary, a year of rebranding and renovation. It is our time for change: Renewing our logo, rejuvenating our marketing strategies, consolidating our social media, and overhauling our entire website!

Revitalizing the website was not only a matter of changing cosmetics, it was a deep rethinking of the whole website architecture. We examined how our important information was presented, how we came across to our current and prospective customers in a digital setting, and how easily that information could be found by the right people.

 “When we decided to redesign our website, we had our clients in mind. We wanted to offer them a unique users’ experience, a friendly interface as well as valuable and exclusive information, videos and tech tips.”-Nadine Haddad, Marketing Director at SolidXperts

Previous SolidXperts Homepage

Updated SolidXperts Homepage

Our sales team needed a bit of love as well. Our website is a major tool that the sales department needs to send and receive product data; it is the window between their expertise and our clients. We wanted to make their jobs just a bit easier by raising the bar on our presentation standards. Links, product pages, contact forms, and so much more have been updated to provide a functional sales toolbox.

Six months of revisions and redesigns went into our vision to offer our existing and prospective clients, as well as our team of Xperts, a user-friendly and easy access site. Our goal was to not only improve our brand recognition but also to make reaching our customers easier and more effective for everyone involved.

The Launch

So, on August 27th we were pleased to release our new website:

What’s new on the website?
Many changes took place, so here’s an overview. We’ll let you discover the rest.

Most noticeably, we’ve worked hard to cut through the text heavy pages that tended to drag down the positive web-browsing experience we want to provide. Let’s be honest, finding articles, blogs, or anything specific used to be a chore. It is now much easier for our clients to find exactly what they are looking for without the hassle. No more clutter, just a clean and modernized presentation organized for viewer convenience.
SolidXperts, once again, puts its customers’ wants and needs first.

Next, we’ve upgraded our navigation. Searching for specific software, 3D printers, or services has been streamlined to help SolidXperts’ customers find what they are looking for faster and easier, without the risk of missing important information.

All our Social Media links have been integrated into the site, so finding SolidXperts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and much more is a breeze.

Our new website sports dynamic images and a sleek design that reflects current 2018 trends, and our dedication to innovation.


In partnership with Combustible, the makers behind the website overhaul, SolidXperts has rebranded itself and brought itself into the modern world of 2018. Combustible’s team of highly knowledgeable professionals used its experience with proven marketing strategies to help expand SolidXperts’ web business by driving qualified traffic to the beautiful new website they’ve created.

Combustible is a Google Certified Partner with over 200 happy clients across multiple industries. Check them out for more information.

Let’s Get Connected

We wanted to create a big BUZZ around our big news. So, over the last 6 months our SolidXperts team has developed, planned, and implemented a communications blast program to share our new website with our customers and partners. We want to make sure that everyone gets the chance to see why we are so excited!

Before the launch we teased our news with banners and signatures that left people wondering what was coming.

Now, during our launch we’ve designed a new announcement banner, and have plans to mail out an email blast to our contacts, inviting them to finally see what we’ve all been waiting for.

We will be continuously updating our content with articles, blogs, news, technical tips, announcements, and customer case studies. Check us out on our social media pages to stay up-to-date on everything ‘SolidXperts’ in the world of 3D innovation!

We invite you to come click through our pages and see our teams’ hard work first hand.


About SolidXperts:

Founded in 1998, SolidXperts is the supplier / integrator of Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS 3D design solutions in Quebec and Eastern Canada. Seeing an opportunity for growth in the USA, SolidXperts opened in 2010 its Nashua (NH) office to serve the New England market.

For the past 20 years, SolidXperts has grown and accumulated expertise, offering its customers a complete solution that helps them meet their daily challenges.

With more than 3800 satisfied customers, SolidXperts offers a full range of 3D design solutions centered around the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD platform and Markforged 3D printers.

In addition, thanks to a wide range of services provided by certified specialists (training, technical support, programming, migration, commissioning, consulting), SolidXperts has assisted thousands of companies in migrating their design process to 3D technology, helping them be more efficient and successful.

SolidXperts can offer you a solution to meet your needs and help you in all your daily challenges.

For more information, visit: / facebook