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By Nikita Lambert – Certified SOLIDWORKS Expert (CSWE) at SolidXperts

When a new concept, idea, or mechanism is imagined by someone, that person must be able to communicate and share what they have imagined to their colleagues and bosses, otherwise this potentially revolutionary concept will never see the light of day. An old saying states that an image is worth a thousand words. This image can be generated by SOLIDWORKS itself, but it will miss a touch of realism to appearances and lighting. It will also miss the most important detail, which is putting the concept into context.

Graphic illustrators will tell you that all this is feasible in Photoshop or other photo editing software; it certainly is a possibility, but a tedious possibility that absolutely requires additional knowledge from the engineer who wants to share their discovery. Training and tutorials are available to help out, but SolidXperts offers another, simpler and more intuitive method, namely SOLIDWORKS Visualize.

This SOLIDWORKS add-in suite of tools allows you to import not only the native SOLIDWORKS files, but also Inventor, Creo, Pro Engineer, NX, Catia, Rhino and SketchUp files in an environment where you’ll have an exhaustive set of appearances and scenes that will grow with your use of the software. The Visualize animations will make you even more eloquent in your communications with your team… An animation really is worth a thousand images?

The Appearances

Appearances will allow you to reach impressive levels of realism with the list of preconfigured “styles” thanks to the downloadable library of “PBR” materials or the one developed by Nvidia named “MDL” materials. If these tools are not quite what you need, you can create your own appearances and then save them for future use.


The Scenes

Scenes will be your best solution to quickly, intuitively and realistically contextualize your concepts, while simultaneously eliminating the need to use Photoshop. The light, shading and perspective are calculated perfectly by Visualize, thus saving you from the headache of manual calculation. A generous library is at your disposal, and if you still cannot find the right fit, you can always download more free scenes on the internet and incorporate them into your library.


The Animations

If you had an animation or a complex motion study already saved in SOLIDWORKS, you’ll be glad to know that you’ll be able to import them in just a few mouse clicks. You need only put appearances on your components and choose a scene. Visualize also allows animation composition directly inside of it.

Why does it simplify your life?

As CEO, President, Manager: It’s less software to buy and less training to pay for. SOLIDWORKS maintenance will give you all the support you need to operate Visualize. It is also possible to install the “Boost” connector to a server so that the renditions to calculate the software are done on it, allowing employees to use their computer all day.

As an employee: You will be able to make your renderings easily and quickly. You will be in full control of the message you want to convey with your image. Only minimal learning is required to be able to use Visualize at full capacity.

What can SolidXperts do for you?

We offer several services for SOLIDWORKS Visualize: