Extreme 1500 HC

Inductrial 3D Printer


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A large scale 3D printer with a heated chamber to print ASA, PET-G, ABS and more

The Extreme 1500 HC Advantages

  • The heated chamber is heated up to 70 degrees Celsius to make 3D printing of materials like ABS and ASA easier. The filaments are in a heated cabinet for optimal use. 
  • It’s got a HUGE…build volume. Iconic of the Builder Extreme range, the Builder Extreme 1500 HC has an impressive max build volume of 1100mm x 500mm x 820mm. 
  • A preheated build plate makes sure you’re ready to print as soon as the nozzle starts moving. Say goodbye to failed prints and ‘spaghetti monsters’, and get flawless large-scale 3D prints, every time. 
  • Thanks to a built-in filament detection system, your Builder Extreme 1500 HC will tell you when your filament spool runs out. If you run out of filament mid-print, your printer will let you know, and can even resume printing once you’ve changed the material spool! 
  • You get 3 ways to connect to your printer. Connect with wi-fi for a fast and easy flow from design to 3D print, connect directly to your Ethernet line, or plug in a USB for secure, direct printing. 

Printer Specs

Build Volume
1100 x 500 x 820mm (XYZ)
Print Speed
Up to 200 mm/s
Max Nozzle Temp.
Up to 200 mm/s
Print Bed Temp.
Up to 100°C
Layer Height
100 to 900 µm
Bed Leveling
290 kg



  • ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) is a thermoplastic 3D printing filament characterized by its reliability, stiffness, strength, and impact resistance. It also features higher dimensional stability and chemical resistance.



  • ASA (Acrylic styrene-acrylonitrile) is an opaque thermoplastic 3D printing filament with similar mechanical properties to ABS but superior UV and weather resistance. Therefore, it is commonly used in outdoor applications which can retain their color and properties.


  • PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate glycol-modified) is an industrial thermoplastic 3D printing filament with excellent chemical resistance. PETG is strong, durable, with good heat resistance, and easy to print.



  • PLA (Polylactide) is a non-toxic, bio-based industrial thermoplastic that is 100% bio-degradable. It’s notable for being easy to print with, durable, and relatively strong, making it one of the most user-friendly 3D printing filaments available on the market.

PA (Polyamide, Nylon)

  • Nylon or PA (Polyamide) is a widely applied engineering and industrial plastic due to its outstanding mechanical performance with good toughness, strength, and impact resistance. In addition, its low friction coefficient is ideal for ergonomic tools and moving parts.

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