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The perfect tool for pipe routing on SOLIDWORKS

Meet all your needs

with Smap3D.

Achieve complex piping routes that meet specific needs, such as agri-food, petrochemical, or pharmaceutical industries. You also have the possibility to design more freely. From schematics to 3D piping and isometric representations, Smap3D is a complete software that can bring a lot to your business.

They trust us

Enjoy all that Smap3D can offer you

Design more easily and efficiently.


Fully integrated with SOLIDWORKS

Smap3D is accessible directly from the SOLIDWORKS interface.


Projects conducted more easily and efficiently

Error detection, validation of integration within the environment, etc.



Smap3D meets the needs of all types of projects.

Create more successful products

Realize all your projects from a single software.


Totally integrated with SOLIDWORKS, no matter what your software version is: Standard, Professional, or Premium. By combining Smap3D and SOLIDWORKS, you work from a single interface for more efficient projects. Rich in technical possibilities, produce quality piping designs while meeting the unique needs of your customers.