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Powerful solutions for successful 2D designs.

High quality software

With Draftsight, you have the means to create, edit, annotate, and visualize all types and formats of 2D drawings. Using Draftsight means benefiting from a quality tool, accessible to all and easy to use. Enjoy effortless handling and a familiar user interface that will ease the transition from your current CAD application.

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Solutions tailored

to your business

While Draftsight is simple and easy to understand, it still has the power to help your business. This solution, dedicated to the specific needs of all companies, is at your disposal and offers many advantages.


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Enjoy all the benefits of Draftsight

Get the best of 2D design


Try it for free

The premium version of Draftsight is available for free for 30 days.


Compatible with all formats

All types of 2D drawings can be used on Draftsight.


Complete and versatile

Plenty of available features for successful designs.

Software that responds to all needs

Downoad the Draftsight Product Matrix.


In addition to all the tools of Draftsight Professional, Draftsight Enterprise gives you access to a network license, a deployment wizard, and full technical support to guarantee successful installation and use.


Enjoy the most complete version of Draftsight. In addition to all the tools in the Premium version of the software, Draftsight Enterprise + also gives you access to a network license, a deployment wizard, and full technical support to guarantee successful installation and use. Ideal for businesses with a large number of users or multiple sites.

Draftsight Standard

The standard version of Draftsight allows you to realize your 2D designs with the benefits of powerful design and documentation tools. In addition, you have access to the community resource library for an even more complete experience.

Draftsight Professional

Draftsight Professional adds a wide range of features, a toolbox, a design library, many productivity tools, and a programming interface. You also benefit from upgrades and the regular addition of new features.

Draftsight Premium

Equip your business with a complete, powerful 2D design software with 3D capabilities. Cover all your drawing, modeling, prototyping, laser cutting or 3D printing needs. An ideal solution whether you are an individual or a business with multiple users. Draftsight Premium is available free for 30 days!

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