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Make collaborative 3D design

Facilitate the exchange of ideas

3DEXPERIENCE is a solution that will revolutionize the way you and your teams work. Share and modify your 3D models live with whoever you want, optimizing teamwork and promoting exchanges to get the best out of everyone for all your designs.


Involve your

entire company

Do not waste time getting your designs finished with your 3D software or getting feedback from everyone. 3DEXPERIENCE allows you to work with synergy, whether your employees are working in the same office, in another city, or teleworking. Involve other departments in your company for a perfect collaboration to get the best product.


We have the solution

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Upgrade to the 3DEXPERIENCE

Create innovative products in a connected environment.


Better internal communication ...

Your teams work together and more effectively, even remotely.


But also external communication

Also work remotely with your suppliers and your customers for a better collaboration.


A significant time saving

Changes are made easier, validation faster, and you work more efficiently.

Make the choice of 3DEXPERIENCE

SolidXperts accompanies you and allows you to benefit from all its advantages.


With 3DEXPERIENCE, you benefit from a connected and secure platform. Your data is automatically saved and updated instantly. Collaborate and learn from everyone’s ideas; enjoy the collective intelligence of your company for each of your projects by taking advantage of easy to use tools and instinctive operation.

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