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Do you want to accelerate your design-to-manufacturing process?  In need of flexible workflows and real-time collaboration?  The 3D creator will not only achieve this for you but will also give you all the advantages of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform connected to the cloud.

The Advantages

  • Features that will inspire you


-Optimize and evolve existing designs with a generative design approach

-Get design inspiration from real-world loads and fixtures

-Eliminate the need to plan your assembly structure upfront. Make model changes at any time in a single modeling environment for parts and assemblies.


  • Let’s you and your team focus on Design


-Iterate rapidly with the ability to change design intent without the rework associated with traditional parametric modeling.-With all your data on the platform, there’s no need to worry about the file structure of parts and assemblies.

-Built-in revision control enables traceability without the overhead of specialized tools.

  • Works with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD like a charm


-When making changes to your models in SOLIDWORKS or 3DEXPERIENCE tools, your 3D Creator files will synchronize-Import and export your 3D Creator designs into SOLIDWORKS-Effortlessly move between 3D Creator and 3D Sculptor.


  • The power of networking at its best


-Create dashboards and communities to review and share the latest data.-Easily source global parts & services with 3DEXPERIENCE Marketplace.-Manage & assign tasks to members with a drag-and-drop card-view tool.

Which 3D Creator application/role is right for you?

3D Creator

3D Mold Creator

Reduce mold tooling time to market and improve plastic part manufacturability:

  • Provides specialized, automated, easy-to-use features for the design of mold core, cavity, and inserts in a browser.
  • Sophisticated enough for mold makers yet easy enough to use for plastic and cast part designers and engineers.
  • Speed tooling design with automated features improves the ability of your mold design to survive last-minute changes
3D Creator

3D Sheet Metal Creator

This option brings you the sheet metal specific capabilities on any device to create production-ready sheet metal designs:

  • Its single-modeling environment makes enclosure assembly design more flexible and efficient.
  • Its built-in AI helps you automate design tasks and reduce repetitive workflows.
  • Create complex 3D sheet metal models and automatically generate 2D patterns
  • Utilize parts and assemblies as reference geometry to model enclosures

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