Dramatically improve the way you design, develop, and manufacture your products with powerful 3D CAD capabilities and a full toolbox of possible add-ins, including dozens of certified partner products.

The SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD Advantages

  • SOLIDWORKS effortlessly handles everything from the simplest geometries to your most complex assemblies containing thousands of parts.  
  • Easily create essential features using unique, easily accessible tools programmed by 3D designers for 3D designers to take the frustration out of your daily modeling routines. 
  • From sheet metal, part optimization to electrical component incorporation to structural design, dedicated tools and workflows make SOLIDWORKS the most efficient and powerful 3D CAD solution available on the market. SOLIDWORKS is trusted by engineers and designers around the world not only for its native functionality but also for its massive range of specialized partner add-ins that tailor your CAD solution to your unique product design process. 

Cloud Services Included


Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS (UES)

Access the 3DEXPERIENCE platform from within your fully, locally installed SOLIDWORKS desktop application. All product design data can be stored on the platform in either native format for use in SW applications or can be converted to 3DX format for use on the platform.

  • Integrated product lifecycle management
  • Cloud data storage
  • Access to purchased 3DX platform roles/applications

Welcome (on cloud)

The Welcome app provides easy access to key apps, learning content, communities and forums, and sample content.

CAD data processor monitoring (on cloud)

This app lets you monitor the status of background processes by the CAD Data processor service for CAD data.

Derived format converter

Derived Format Converter can generate a derived format for 3DEXPERIENCE representations. 3DEXPERIENCE design apps from SOLIDWORKS, DELMIA, and SIMULIA can use this derived format.

Design with SOLIDWORKS

Access, share, and manage lifecycles on SOLIDWORKS Desktop data from within the native SOLIDWORKS user interface by using the Design with SOLIDWORKS add-in.

Inspect with SOLIDWORKS Inspection

Render with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

3DSwym App

Connects you to communities where you can collaborate, ask and answer questions, and share information in blogs and wikis.


Provides a virtual canvas to freely sketch, write, and illustrate ideas in a digital space.


Also known as 3DEXPERIENCE Social Collaboration, provides online collaboration for efficient idea gathering and validation.

Users Groups

User Groups allow users to be organized into specific groups based on their roles, responsibilities, or areas of expertise.


The 3DDashboard is your portal to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and entry point for collecting project and task information into a view that you manage. From the 3DDashboard, you can create more Collaborative Spaces and access your web apps.


Provides storage space online where you can upload documents and use folders to organize them.


A viewer that lets you manipulate 3D models. You can also section through a design, measure between items in a design, and annotate a design.


Retrieves search results from 3DSwym, 3DSpace, and 3DDrive sources.


Capture and explore ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Refine and develop your ideas in a 3D space, directly from your browser.


Enhance the visual appeal of posts and capture the attention of 3DSwym communities by incorporating photos, images, videos, and even 3D models into engaging content.


3DSwymer (IFW) 

The social network of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Connect everyone in your organization to communities and conversations, allowing anyone to contribute to innovation.

  • Sketch out ideas in 3D to create clear and engaging visual stories.
  • Instantly contribute with comments and up-to-date news feeds.
  • Keep everyone onboard with product and design data and decisions, regardless of department.

Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV) 

A collection of apps that reduce product development cycle time and maximize innovation across the value network, from anywhere on any device.

  • Collaborate on structured industrial project development processes, and work more efficiently with streamlined and secure content access.
  • Enable real-time concurrent collaboration, enhance decision-making, and reach design maturity faster.
  • Intuitively organize, view, and track individual or shared issues, tasks, and change actions from creation through completion.

3D Markup

3D Markup lets you review products using a set of dedicated commands.

3D Navigate (on-premises)

3D Navigate enables you to navigate objects in 3D using new loading strategies. Optimize the navigation of large data models such as airplanes and boats.


3DPlay for Desktop, as well as the Web App, offers an intuitive navigation experience on several platforms, to discover 3D models and their associated experiences in real-time.


The primary storage mechanism in the platform, stores your data in collaborative spaces and enables their lifecycle management.

Bookmark Editor

Bookmarks allow users to create and manage a structure of folders to organize folders, references, and representation objects.

Classify & Reuse

Libraries on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. Organize assets into a structure similar to Bookmark Editor, but with the additional ability to associate class attributes to data that is organized under each specific classification.

Collaborative Spaces & Control Center

Collaborative spaces are areas where people with different roles work together to produce and deliver content. Platform Managers can create, list, transfer, and edit the visibility of collaborative spaces from the Collaborative Spaces Control Center.

Collaborative Tasks (on cloud)

Collaborative Tasks, an app in the 3DDashboard, provides an intuitive user experience for simple task management.


Compare enables you to identify differences between structures, metadata, and 3D geometry.

Enterprise Control Center

Manage platform vocabularies, includes the Vocabularies Management widget. You must have the Platform Administrator role to access this app and its widgets.

Document Management

Document Management provides a single app where users can access document details, including the content of their files.

IP Classify & Reuse

The IP Classify and Reuse is a 3DDashboard that provides an efficient way to view and search classified items in a collaborative work environment. You can also classify and declassify content using this app.

Issue 3D Review

Identify and visually analyze issues with 3D context to facilitate early problem detection for downstream processes. Cloud only: load an entire product structure for reviewing and reporting any issues found with 3D Visualization.

Issue Management

Open, complete, and manage issues using 3DEXPERIENCE tools. Change issue notification preferences and track issue maturities.

OAuth1 Control Center (on-premises)

Business Administrators can use the OAuth1 Control Center app to approve or remove consumer keys used by external applications consuming the services provided by ENOVIA apps through Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC).

Product Explorer

Product Explorer allows you to visualize products and their structure. The app opens two widgets: Product Structure Explore, which displays the tree, and 3D Navigate, which displays the object in 3D.

Project Execution

Project Execution provides a collaborative environment for global project team members to access, manage, and report on their task assignments.

Project Gantt

Displays a Gantt chart for a selected project space, project concept, baseline, or experiment. Create a project, experiment, or baseline in the widget.


The Relations tab displays the related objects of the selected object. The list view details the related objects according to the different relation types.

Relations Control Center

Administrators can use the Relations Control Center to customize Relations.

Route Management

A route is a set of tasks that users complete to accomplish a business activity. Route Management lets you create and manage routes and tasks from the 3DDashboard.

Discover Standard, Professional, and Premium package details



Starting at: 

Benefit from powerful 3D design and manufacturing CAD, along with part, assembly, and 2D drawing functionality. Get access to powerful 3D CAD tools and features, as well as specialized tools for sheet metal, weldments, surfacing, molds, product configuration, design analysis, DFM, and CAM. (*CAM included with an active subscription). 


  • Create sophisticated part and assembly designs quickly and efficiently with SOLIDWORKS 3D design software. Powerful, easy-to-use design capabilities combined with a range of tools for drawing creation, design analysis, cost estimation, rendering, animation, and file management create an intuitive system for developing innovative products that make you more productive, lowers costs, and accelerate your time-to-market.

2D Drawings

  • Create production-ready 2D drawings that are always current and clearly communicate how your design should be manufactured and assembled. SOLIDWORKS associativity links a 2D drawing directly with a 3D solid model so updates to the 3D model can be automatically reflected in the 2D drawing. SOLIDWORKS accelerates your design process, saving time and development costs while increasing productivity.

Collaborate and Share CAD Data

  • SOLIDWORKS product collaboration tools help members of your design team work closely with other project stakeholders, outside vendors, and customers. You can also protect proprietary design data before sharing it beyond your organization. and to manage project data, and control design revisions. SOLIDWORKS product collaboration tools include many innovative, time saving features such as 3D Interconnect, eDrawings, and 3D Mark Up of parts and assemblies.

First-Pass Analysis Tools

  • SOLIDWORKS SimulationXpress is a first-pass analysis tool that lets you perform basic stress analysis on individual parts. You can quickly determine effects of force and pressure and generate reports to document results.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

  • To ensure your product can be manufactured, SOLIDWORKS provides 3D tools for reviewing your design early in the development process. It is much easier and less costly to correct issues found during the design stage than correcting them during manufacturing planning or after your design is in production.

Advanced CAD File Import/Export and 3D Interconnect

  • SOLIDWORKS provides more than 30 translators to convert incoming CAD data into SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD format or to export SOLIDWORKS data to other CAD products. 3D Interconnect opens most major CAD formats directly in SOLIDWORKS with no need to convert or save the data as a SOLIDWORKS file.

Part and Assembly Modeling

  • Handle all aspects of your part and assembly modeling with the SOLIDWORKS 3D design system for transforming ideas and concepts into virtual 3D models. For conceptual design, create 3D designs quickly using imported images, simple sketches, or scanned 3D data, and then add more details as the design evolves. Assembly structure planning lets you quickly lay out your design assembly structure and then export to SOLIDWORKS for automatically creating CAD files. Direct model editing lets you manipulate and modify 3D geometry working directly on 3D CAD models.

Design Reuse and Automation

  • Leverage existing engineering data to create new designs and speed up new product development. With SOLIDWORKS, a range of tools helps you reuse existing 3D CAD models and 2D drawings, which accelerates your design process, saves time and development costs, and increases productivity. SOLIDWORKS search, automation, and configuration tools simplify the reuse of existing design data to create new designs.

Interference Check

  • Before going into production, verify that your parts and assemblies will fit, assemble, and operate correctly with SOLIDWORKS Interference Check. Fully integrated with CAD, you can use Interference Check in 2D and 3D while you design to accelerate your product development process and analyze tolerances to assess manufacturability.


  • SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard powered by CAMWorks is an integrated 2.5-axis milling programming solution. By utilizing the emerging technologies of Model-Based Definition (MBD) and Knowledge-Based Machining (KBM), SOLIDWORKS CAM can rapidly transform your Design-to-Manufacturing process by improving communication, reducing errors, reducing cycle times, and increasing your product quality. SOLIDWORKS CAM Standard included with active subscription of SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional or Premium.

Productivity Tools

  • SOLIDWORKS has a variety of tools designed to make you more productive, including capabilities for design analysis, comparison, checking, and reporting.

Xtended Reality (XR) Exporter

  • Dramatically simplify the path from SOLIDWORKS CAD to Augmented and Virtual Reality with a new export option (Xtended Reality), powering an ecosystem of rich AR, VR and Web viewing experiences created by our approved Partners. This new export option from SOLIDWORKS retains valuable information like geometry, appearances, motion studies, configurations, display states, meta data and more.


Starting at: 

Build on the capabilities of Standard with ECAD/MCAD collaboration, automated cost estimation, streamlined collaboration capabilities, design and drawing checking, sophisticated components and parts library, and advanced photorealistic rendering. 



Starting at: 

Get all the benefits and functionality of Professional with the addition of structural and motion analysis capabilities, advanced surface flattening, reverse engineering, and electrical cable and pipe routing.


UtilsXperts is a set of utilities developed specifically for SOLIDWORKS and its products, by SolidXperts. These utilities allow you to perform several types of tasks such as serial export, serial printing, property management, processing of parts for cutting, etc. Many companies perform these tasks manually every day, UtilsXperts can take care of many of these tasks faster and eliminate the possibility of error. The time saved can then be reinvested in more profitable activities.

Need a detailed comparison?

Part and Assembly Modeling
2D Drawings
Design Reuse and Automation
Interference Check
First-Pass Analysis Tools
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
Productivity Tools
Advanced CAD File Import/Export and 3D Interconnect
Xtended Reality (XR) Exporter
CAD Libraries (SOLIDWORKS Toolbox)
Design for Cost (SOLIDWORKS Costing)
ECAD/MCAD Collaboration (CircuitWorks)
CAD Standards Checking (Design Checker)
Collaboration with eDrawings Professional
Automated Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis (TolAnalyst)
Advanced Photorealistic Rendering (SOLIDWORKS Visualize)
SOLIDWORKS File Management
Reverse Engineering (ScanTo3D)
Time-based Motion Analysis
Linear Static Analysis for Parts and Assemblies
Pipe and Tube Routing
Electrical Cable and Wiring Harness Routing
Advanced Surface Flattening
Rectangular and Other Section Routing

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