3DEXPERIENCE Project planner

Project planner complements your SOLIDWORKS solutions and gives your teams the freedom to plan and monitor project status in real-time with integrated project management on the convenient, cloud-based 3DEXPERIENCE platform.

The Project planner Advantages

  • Let’s automatically optimize schedules to meet project constraints and resources. Thus, it will improve teamwork by breaking projects into more manageable task sets and delivering real-time notification of schedule changes to all team members.
  • Graphical views will let you easily monitor and edit the project schedule. You can leverage tasks and milestones along the Gantt chart timelines, creating dependencies and modifying information as required.
  • Secure your projects with flexible access rights management that enables the project owner to select who can view and edit tasks, guarding access to stored content, including CAD data and documents.
  • Readily track a deliverable’s status by receiving notifications when tasks or milestones are past key dates and viewing critical and past due tasks via color-coded charts. Team members can communicate using embedded comments, preserved for traceability.
  • Easily manage related content at both the project and individual task level, storing and sharing files through 3DDrive and creating and managing collaborative spaces with 3DSpace.

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