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By Alain Provost – Technical Representative at SolidXperts

Creating cabinets or furniture that are mounted from panels can sometimes be a tedious task, even if it is simplified with SOLIDWORKS.
With SWOOD this task will become a pleasure, thanks to this improved functionality.
You will notice that the first thing that has been improved is the command window and the choices (3) that are now accessible.

It is now much easier to insert a new panel.

1 – The choice to simply insert a panel and position it manually yourself
2 – The choice to preposition the place where the panel will be.
3 – The choice to delete a panel.

As soon as you are in the environment for the insertion of panels you will be able to use the graphic window to position the panel that will be highlighted blue when you make the selection, or if you right click in the SOLIDWORKS window, simply choose the position of the panel in the menu.


Now you can find out how to position the new panel with the constraints and sizing tools on the next page.

The new panel appears, and it has new features that are now attached to it. New handles and direction arrows are now visible to manipulate the panel and constrain it, facilitating the change to the type of constraints for another distance as needed.



The handles on the edges of the panel will help you fix the dimensions quickly with the chosen plans.

Or thanks to keyboard commands quickly making the selections that will execute this task with a simple click, a table for shortcuts is included in this window to assist you.

With the help of the new panel insertion features you will be able to create furniture designs from panels in an extremely fast and efficient way.

If you are a user of the SWOOD solution (Design, Cam, Nesting) you will love the new features of the latest version of the solution.

If you are not, what are you waiting for? Find more about SWOOD solutions