By Steven Murphy – Elite Applications Engineer

While the 3DExperience platform takes the CAD industry by storm, what does it mean for the average SOLIDWORKS user? Despite the industry trend toward SAAS (Software as a service), SOLIDWORKS will remain available as a perpetual license. The only change for conventional SOLIDWORKS users is access to a wider variety of tools using the 3DExperience platform to augment your current workflows. Knowing what tools you have access to on the cloud will give you a competitive edge and the tools you need to stay successful.


Top Tools to Leverage 3DExperience Using SOLIDWORKS



Everyone is familiar with “the cloud,” or the idea of connecting via internet to servers remotely in order to gain flexibility and save on hardware costs. With the integration of ENOVIAWORKS into the 3DExperience platform, cloud PLM [Product Lifecycle Management] services are readily available to use with SOLIDWORKS files. This includes a complete product data management (PDM) system as well as tools to manage the processes surrounding the part’s fabrication.

For the average SOLIDWORKS user, this means access to revision controlled files from anywhere you can use SOLIDWORKS. Just login to the PLM services pain integrated with SOLIDWORKS and you are off to the races. You can also drag and drop files from the 3DExperience platform into SOLIDWORKS to open and start working. On top of this functionality, the files in PLM can be referenced in chats, integrated into blog posts, and worked with in the 3DExperience “X Apps.” These X Apps provide a range of versatility for part creation without ever leaving the cloud.





XShape is the premier SubD cloud application available on the 3DExperience platform. Many industrial designers know the challenge of replicating complex surfaces inside of any CAD package. XShape allows for the creations of surfaces and parts using push-pull manipulation of primitive shapes while maintaining continuity. This functionality greatly surpasses the ability of SOLIDWORKS Freeform to create your aesthetically pleasing complex surfaces with your CAD file. On top of that, the SOLIDWORKS integration means that you can drag and drop the files from your web browser right into your model.

If you are doing any surfacing, industrial design, or non- parametric modeling, this application is a must have. Because this application was developed with SOLIDWORKS in mind, the seamless transition between software will support your workflow.


XShape SubD Modeling


3DExperience Marketplace

Who knew that you have access to quality industrial suppliers worldwide within SOLIDWORKS itself? You can find the manufacturers that your product needs without having to spend time and effort creating your own supply chain. This especially powerful in an industry where rapid prototyped 3D printed parts are becoming the de facto standard. Directly integrated with your SOLIDWORKS model, you can get competitive pricing, see shipment costs, and determine which provider meets your deadline.


The 3DExperience Marketplace is located in the “3DExperience Platform” add in located in SOLIDWORKS which provides the flexibility that any engineer can take advantage of. Let Dassault Systèmes qualify the manufacturers for you, all you need to do is provide the model!


3DExperience Marketplace Within the Task Pane


The 3DExperience brings value to all conventional SOLIDWORKS users, expanding the tools available to bolster your workflow. The platform provides you with the ability to create new types of models, store and access data online, as well as easily identify manufacturers based on your requirements. From here, the Dassault Systèmes ecosystem will only continue to adapt and grow.


Interested in the 3DExperience Platform? Reach out to our Xperts anytime with any questions or for more information.