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SolidXperts is excited to announce two SWUG meetings happening next week. We’ve been invited to attend, the only VARS to be invited in fact, and we want everyone to join us!

A ‘SOLIDWORKS User Group’ is a community-based group of software users that meet periodically to talk about SOLIDWORKS and its updates. They offer presentations and lessons to newcomers and engineering students and provide the opportunity for SOLIDWORKS users to network with others in their area.

The Meetings

First up, the Northern Vermont SOLIDWORKS User Group has its next meeting planned for Tuesday, September 18th, from 5:30pm to 9:00pm at Vermont Technical College’s Williston Campus, 201 Lawrence Place, Room 207 Williston, VT. Open to existing SOLIDWORKS customers, prospective customers, engineering students, and anyone with an interest in CAD, the group provides an environment that allows users to improve their knowledge and skills with the design software. Entrance to the meeting and group membership are free and light refreshments will be served.


Register for NV here.

Next, the New Hampshire SOLIDWORKS User Group meeting will be on Thursday, September 20th in the Amphitheatre at 200 Innovative Way, Nashua, NH. Things kick off at about 5:30pm with a meet & greet, followed by a presentation by the famous Sal Lama, Director of Product Definition at SOLIDWORKS. If you have never seen a Sal presentation, you…are…missing…out! Both the meeting and group membership are free, and meetings are open to the public and all SOLIDWORKS user experience levels.


Register for NH here.

Exciting News
SolidXperts’ very own John Nolin will be appearing as a special guest at both meetings, and as the only VARS invited to attend the meetings, we are excited to extend our invitation to anyone who wants to attend. John will be talking about all the new features that have been added over the last four years.

MBD: What is it? Should we be using it? – John Nolin, SolidXperts
John will be talking about MBD, what it is and the pros and cons of moving to it. He will also talk about how best use SOLIDWORKS for MBD.


About John Nolin:
blankJohn Nolin joined the SolidXperts Nashua team in August of 2013 as a Technical Representative for New England. John Nolin, no stranger to the CAD world, came to SolidXperts with over 28 years of experience, as well as an expertise in Mechanical Design Engineering. He obtained his BSME degree from UMass Lowell with a minor in Mathematics & Computer Programming. During his studies, Nolin got his first CAD experience with an automotive component manufacturing firm, creating 2D drawings in VersaCAD on the IBM PC.

Before accepting the position at SolidXperts Inc., he worked as a mechanical engineer for a variety of industries and oversaw the designing of infrared optics and broadcast antennas. Over the next decade, he received additional design experience in a variety of products, including: excimer laser machining centers, silicon wafer equipment, broadcast antennas, and microwave communication components.

“We are truly excited to welcome John Nolin to our team at SolidXperts. We’ve been looking for the perfect candidate to compliment our US sales team, and when John became available, we jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board. John Nolin has a comprehensive knowledge of the suite of SOLIDWORKS products, as well as the install base in New England due to his long-time involvement with SOLIDWORKS and its extensive user groups, which have made him ideal for SolidXperts.” – Alex Habrich, CEO of SolidXperts Inc, 2013.