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By Ghyslain Lacombe – SolidXperts Application Specialist

Is there computer-aided design (CAD) software that is easy to integrate into schools so that students learn the content of the course rather than learning to use the software? Is there CAD software that facilitates movement into the labour market? Is there a solution provider that allows us to have all the resources needed to support learning?




Teachers spend less time teaching software mechanics and more time on the core course material. The software is full of tools available to students to allow them to quickly become autonomous on SOLIDWORKS. Students spend more time learning classroom concepts rather than becoming familiar with the software. Students find jobs FASTER and EASIER because the industry majority uses SOLIDWORKS.


The comments SolidXperts receives most often from students and teachers:

  • SOLIDWORKS is intuitive, demonstrative, and easy to use. SOLIDWORKS guides its users by offering them options, tutorials, and even helps by looking for features they can not find at a glance.
  • SOLIDWORKS INTEGRATION into the educational institution is VERY EASY. Teachers are surprised at how easy they are able to adapt it to their classes. This is the great strength of SOLIDWORKS in the world of education.



A wide range of documents is available to help teachers to curate their course material. Sample course materials (teacher’s and student guides), a global user community of teachers, and visual materials help build courses and work outlines. In addition, all certification exams are FREE for students and some teachers even give the CSWA as a FINAL EXAMINATION.



SOLIDWORKS is the most widely used CAD software in the world. For companies, it is easy to integrate and is a solution that allows for a very large return on investment. Educational licenses are discounted by 99.9% compared to commercial licenses in addition to all the benefits they offer. If we look at the wide range of products included with a single educational license, schools avoid buying 2, sometimes 3, software packages with SOLIDWORKS.


A full studio of license options for professors and students:

To facilitate the integration of SOLIDWORKS for schools, SOLIDWORKS has developed solutions for school campuses with several benefits. Here are all products available with an educational license.

SOLIDWORKS Premium: Full 3D design solution;

SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium: Stress Analysis and the Finite Element Method (FEM);

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: Liquid & Gas Flow Simulation;

SOLIDWORKS Model Base Definition: Model Based Design;

SOLIDWORKS Sustainability: Environmental Assessment and Sustainable Design;

SOLIDWORKS Advanced Plastics: Mold cooling analysis, part warpage…;

SOLIDWORKS Electrical: Electrical Product Design tool;

SOLIDWORKS CAM Professional: Assembly machining, turning, high speed and 3 + 2 Milling;

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: Data Management solution;

SOLIDWORKS Composer: Create 2D and 3D images and animations for documentation;

SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Rendering tool;

SOLIDWORKS Draftsight Enterprise: Comprehensive 2D Drafting and 3D Design solution;

– Complete program, with guides for teachers and students;

– Course materials;

– Online teacher community, article library, tutorials, product resources, etc.


CSWA certification to validate your skills on SOLIDWORKS:

As the most widely used 3D CAD solution in the job market, SOLIDWORKS has developed a certification program that is completely free for students and teachers, allowing them to differentiate themselves in the job market. Here are the certifications that are available for schools.


CSWA – Academic Exam & CSWP – Academic Exam, in addition to many others such as:

  • Model Based Design (CSWP-MBD);
  • Certified Sustainable Design Associate (CSDA);
  • Simulation (CSWA-S), (CSWP-S);
  • Sheet Metal (CSWPA-SM);
  • Weldments (CSWPA-WD);
  • Surfacing (CSWPA-SU);
  • Mold Tools (CSWPA-MT);
  • Drawing Tools (CSWPA-DT);
  • and more.


SOLIDWORKS EDUCATIONAL represents the largest community of users. It’s the largest 3D community in the world with more than 3,500,000 users in business. At the education level, 3.7 million students use SOLIDWORKS every day, in more than 100,000 schools and universities. SOLIDWORKS is a solution adapted specifically to current student and job market needs.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact SolidXperts and our representatives dedicated to educational solutions will be happy to discuss it with you!