How to create a steel rod that follows the same parameters as a sheet metal part. (Template table, fold radii, K-factor).

  1. First, create a profile that will be identical to the trajectory of the desired tube or rod and transform it into sheet metal. The bending parameters must be similar to the desired part (tube or rod).



2. Using a plane created on the surface of the thickness of the sheet metal part, select the edges that will serve as a path and create a sketch with the sketch tool. Convert to an entity.



3. Now, create a curved piece with the scan function from the previous step. Do not merge the function to create 2 bodies.



4. Hide the reference body.



5. Now, if you change the radii, dimensions, and angles of the bends using the sheet metal sketch, they are replicated on the tube or stem.



6. You can even add folds if desired by modifying the basic sketch. Be careful to stay within the plausible parameters of the sheet metal, otherwise errors will occur.
How to proceed: Edit the sketch of the sheet metal and add the desired folds, correct or resume the sketch (path) used in the function Boss/Base scanned using the new sheet metal profile.



7. Final result.