Vincent Alie

The know-how of the SolidXperience optimization service has enabled LDV to achieve its productivity objectives, carry out large-scale projects and remain competitive against the competition.

Chip Montgomery

Since implementing PDM, we have the foundation in place that we need to automate our processes, eliminate waste, and remove unnecessary costs.

Jeffrey Nicoll

Our success rate is so high because we’ve validated close correlation between the results we get from SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional and actual production, using photoelastic and microscopic analysis tools to confirm the software’s simulation results.

Shawn Eckhardt

With SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D, we’ve reduced BOM generation time from hours to minutes, and the BOM information that we output is more accurate.

Mark Gerhart

From incoming part lots to in-process assembly inspections, SOLIDWORKS Inspection software helps us catch more unacceptable parts and eliminate assembly issues.

Anderson Viecelli

With the automation that we’ve achieved integrating SOLIDWORKS with our ERP system, our designers only have to worry about working on the design and getting that job done properly… It’s much easier to visualize and model these designs in SOLIDWORKS, and we’ve been able to automate fabrication by employing MBD techniques.

Gary Hager

SOLIDWORKS Composer software gives us the capability to automate the creation of renderings and exploded views, which further enhances our understanding of the project.

Jenny DeMarco Staab

What really sold me on SOLIDWORKS Visualize software was the ‘glass’ quality—how real it makes glass bottles look. We do a lot with glass and plastics, and we need a tool that provides the most photorealistic images possible. With the other packages, the glass quality was really not there, so we chose to standardize on SOLIDWORKS Visualize.




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