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Simple to use and intuitive, designing your products has never been easier or more enjoyable than with a mouse designed to work with you and your daily 3D workflows.

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Keyboard Pro with Numpad


  • Nine programmable buttons, including four 3Dconnexion keys, are available on the detachable 3Dconnexion Numpad Pro, providing quick access to the application-specific commands you frequently need.
  • The concave keycaps on the keyboard and Numpad are ergonomically contoured to accommodate the fingertips. They offer precision no matter where the key is struck and a pleasing feel thanks to their matte-coated surfaces and rounded edges. Because of cutting-edge scissor technology, the keys provide stability and little resistance. Because the keycaps are laser-etched, the printing will not fade.
  • The 3Dconnexion Keyboard Pro offers the support you need for lessened wrist strain with a full-sized palm rest. Because of its design, you may place the keyboard plane on the desk for comfortable and simple typing. You may position the keyboard at a preferred angle of 4.3 degrees using the foldout feet.
  • A high degree of security that satisfies the needs of commercial customers is ensured by the wired connection and the encrypted communication between the keyboard and Numpad.
  • You may customize your desktop arrangement by carefully positioning your CadMouse and SpaceMouse in accordance with your preferences and duties using the separate Numpad.
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