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BigBelly Solar designs and manufactures innovative solar-powered trash compaction systems that lower fuel costs and carbon emissions by reducing garbage truck pickups and trips. Selecting an efficient 3D CAD platform for developing the BigBelly system was an important consideration for the start-up company to build and satisfy the needs of a new market.


The company chose SOLIDWORKS CAD software because of its ease of use and widespread popularity among design and manufacturing partners. BigBelly Solar also valued the software’s visualization, sheet metal design, and integrated analysis capabilities. By implementing SOLIDWORKS software, BigBelly Solar developed the world’s first solar-powered trash compactor; increased its sales following product redesign; cut its material costs by using fewer steel parts; and improved its design quality and control.


  • Developed the world’s first solar-powered trash compactor
  • Increased sales by 300% following product redesign
  • Cut material costs by using 30% fewer steel parts
  • Improved design quality and control


Industry: Renewable Energies