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Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a seed company committed to helping families, friends, and communities feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information, and services. Recent business growth has allowed them to further branch out into products that give growers a resource for tested tools to complement their cultivation processes. Now, their Tools and Supplies division accounts for about 20% of the company’s total revenue. In order to keep up with this growth and the needs of their customers, Johnny’s Selected Seeds needed the right people and the right software in place.

“My position within the company is brand new so I am developing new products along with new processes – both of which require the support of robust documents and excellent three-dimensional data…” -Bradford Waugh, Mechanical Product Designer at Johnny’s Selected Seeds




Johnny’s Selected Seeds needed a software package to develop 3D product data and someone with the knowledge to use it efficiently. SolidXperts suggested SOLIDWORKS Standard as the perfect solution for their growing needs. Johnny’s Selected Seeds now uses SOLIDWORKS to generate 2D drawings. There are two very valuable applications that they use frequently. The first is the institution of a revision cycle process for their products, which was not in place before. The second is the generation of reference drawings (as seen below) for their call center and sales team to properly communicate and diagnose problems.





Johnny’s Selected Seeds has been able to quickly generate ideas and assess multiple manufacturing options before committing time and resources to prototypes. For example, below are some retrofit ideas being explored based on feedback. (existing product followed by proposed updates)



















Johnny’s Selected Seeds is constantly trying to develop new products, so quickly working up new ideas and evaluating them digitally has sped up the development process significantly. Thanks to SOLIDWORKS, the application of CAD modeling into their internal processes has exponentially decreased the timeline on product development. Ideas can now take as little as a day to achieve an initial assessment compared to weeks.


– Multiple manufacturing options considered before committing time and resources to prototypes

– Digital evaluation has sped up the development process significantly

– Decreased timeline on product development


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