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Logopress is the best solution for designing progressive dies, fine blank dies, and transfer dies within SOLIDWORKS. Automate several aspects of your die design, from unbending and flattening to strip layout, tool design, and drawings.

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Create complex flat layouts, unfolding, and banding. Get access to revolution stamping modules and a library of standard components allowing you to perform nesting, modeling, and tooling simulation. Create and automatically insert holes into your designs with 123GO software. 



Design your tools and estimate your investments all in one application. Turn your flat layouts into complex parts, go beyond sheet metal and flatten textiles, plastic fabrics, leathers, adhesives, thermal screens, and so much more. 



Perform complex flattening, striping, unfolding, and nesting with full access to a complete stamping and revolution module. Available as an option, Progressive Blank Companion allows you to quickly and easily determine and model intermediate stamping steps for complex parts. 

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