An advanced data management application that takes PDM to the next level, providing the added benefits of both project and process management, as well as interactive dashboards and reporting.

The Advantages

  • SOLIDWORKS Manage has an easy-to-use administration tool with graphical UIs, so companies like yours can easily configure and manage the system without a dedicated IT support team
  • Reduces the time in creating complete Bills of Materials (BOMs) through an easy-to-use editing feature that combines file and record data, and by automatically sharing product data with other business systems
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage offers powerful dashboard and reporting tools that can pull data, including project progress, resource allocation, and quality performance from every aspect of the system, and present it in a very easy-to-consume way.
  • SOLIDWORKS Manage is an advanced, record-based data management system that extends the global file management and application integrations enabled by SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional to include a comprehensive set of capabilities that you can use and distribute to many areas of your business.

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