Product Release Engineer


Align your multi-discipline engineering product definition process with company strategy to ensure optimal and consistent product quality.

The Product Release Engineer Advantages

  • Access engineering items. Leverage a web-based dashboard to gain quick access to a list of engineering items owned by a user. The dashboard enables a “quick start” of a new engineering definition by narrowing the engineering items to those needed to start work. 
  • Manage your content and lifecycle maturity. Create the engineering definition and edition using engineering items that can be reused, edited, replaced, revised, and released to ensure company form-fit-function practices are respected. 
  • Set ownership of your engineering items. Assign user responsibility of engineering items to ensure work allocation and sharing follow company strategy. 
  • Visualize your 3D models. Visualize and navigate your 3D model and its associated experiences to enhance understanding of the product engineering definition. Use a simple viewer with intuitive tools for non-CAD users to perform actions such as 3D visualization, annotation, rotation, sectioning, and distance measurement. 
  • Organize your Smart Data. Personalize the engineering definition display and organization by selecting the desired view, grouping the displayed engineering items by certain attributes, reordering the columns, and data filtering. 

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