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Thanks to its 20 years of experience, SolidXperts can offer you complete quality SOLIDWORKS, Markforged, DriveWorks, and SWOOD training, and much more, choosing SolidXperts training allows you to credit your training hours with the College of Engineers, comply with the 1% law in Quebec regarding continuing education, and to receive financial assistance for training allocated by Employment Quebec. (Quebec only)

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Training made for you

Follow the SOLIDWORKS training in Montreal, Quebec, Nashua, or at home.

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In-class  Online Customized Solidworks Certifications


Training made for you

Follow the SOLIDWORKS training in Montreal, Quebec, Nashua, or at home.


IdTitre de la formationLieuDebutDurée (Jours)Langue
a0c6e00000VFekzAADTraining - Using SOLIDWORKS PDMWeb2021-08-031English
a0c6e00000UfsO6AAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Assembly Modeling  Nashua & Web2021-08-052English
a0c6e00000UfsNwAAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional AdministrationNashua & Web2021-08-093English
a0c6e00000UfsOBAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Constructions soudéesQuébec & Web2021-08-091Français
a0c6e00000V0CDZAA3Formation SOLIDWORKS SustainabilityWeb2021-08-121Français
a0c6e00000UfsOaAAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Essentials Nashua & Web2021-08-124English
a0c6e00000UfsOQAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques avancée de modélisation des piècesMontréal & Web2021-08-162Français
a0c6e00000TEWRLAA5Formation - Utilisation de SOLIDWORKS Composer - 3 joursWeb2021-08-173Français
a0c6e00000VCVGtAAPFormation SOLIDWORKS CAM StandardWeb2021-08-172Français
a0c6e00000UfsOfAAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Nashua & Web2021-08-172English
a0c6e00000UfsOVAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Simulation StatiqueMontréal & Web2021-08-183Français
a0c6e00000UfsOLAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques de modélisation des surfacesMontréal & Web2021-08-192Français
a0c6e00000UhAFkAANTraining - CATIA V5 Advanced DesignWeb2021-08-233English
a0c6e00000UfsOkAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Principes de l'utilisationMontréal & Web2021-08-244Français
a0c6e00000UfsOpAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Technique de modélisation des assemblagesMontréal & Web2021-08-242Français
a0c6e00000TEWSMAA5Formation SOLIDWORKS CAM ProfessionalWeb2021-08-261Français
a0c6e00000UhAFuAANTraining - CATIA V5 ManufacturingWeb2021-08-305English
a0c6e00000VCVKDAA5Formation SOLIDWORKS MotionMontréal & Web2021-08-312Français
a0c6e00000UfsOzAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard AdministrationQuébec & Web2021-08-312Français
a0c6e00000UfsPEAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS TôlerieQuébec & Web2021-09-022Français
a0c6e00000UfsPJAAZTraining - SOLIDWORKS WeldmentsNashua & Web2021-09-031English
a0c6e00000UfsPOAAZTraining - SOLIDWORKS DrawingsNashua & Web2021-09-073English
a0c6e00000UqUEJAA3Formation SOLIDWORKS Simulation ProfessionalWeb2021-09-072Français
a0c6e00000UhAG4AANTraining - Gateway to the 3DEXPERIENCE PlatformWeb2021-09-073English
a0c6e00000V0rHDAAZFormation DriveWorks Pro AdministratorWeb2021-09-094Français
a0c6e00000UfsPYAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Principes de l'utilisationQuébec & Web2021-09-094Français
a0c6e00000VCVL6AAPFormation - Utilisation de SOLIDWORKS Composer - 3 joursQuébec & Web2021-09-133Français
a0c6e00000UhAFaAANTraining - CATIA V5 FundamentalsWeb2021-09-135English
a0c6e00000UfsPiAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Constructions soudéesMontréal & Web2021-09-141Français
a0c6e00000UfsPnAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Mises en planMontréal & Web2021-09-153Français
a0c6e00000UhAGEAA3Training - 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA V6 Mechanical Design FundamentalsWeb2021-09-205English
a0c6e00000UfsPxAAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal  Nashua & Web2021-09-212English
a0c6e00000UfsQ2AAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Simulation StatiqueMontréal & Web2021-09-213Français
a0c6e00000UfsQ7AAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques avancée de modélisation des piècesQuébec & Web2021-09-212Français
a0c6e00000UfsPsAAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Essentials Nashua & Web2021-09-234English
a0c6e00000UfsQHAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Technique de modélisation des assemblagesQuébec & Web2021-09-282Français
a0c6e00000UfsQCAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS TôlerieMontréal & Web2021-09-282Français
a0c6e00000UfsQMAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Conceptions de moulesMontréal & Web2021-09-302Français
a0c6e00000UfsQRAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS - Optimisation des techniques de modélisationMontréal & Web2021-09-304Français
a0c6e00000UfsQWAAZFormation SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional AdministrationMontréal & Web2021-10-053Français
a0c6e00000UfsQbAAJFormation SOLIDWORKS Principes de l'utilisationMontréal & Web2021-10-054Français

“Because we decided to use SOLIDWORKS, we had the tools to optimize the design and accelerate development, enabling us to grab and cultivate a significant share of this market.” – Jeff Satwicz, Product Manager,  BIGBELLY SOLAR
“SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation allowed us to reconfigure the tool and reach the miners faster.” – Rudy Lyons, R&D Manager CENTER ROCK INC.
“We got to use many of the great tools SOLIDWORKS provides for achieving standardized procedures and process automation.” – Bill Budde, President,  ATW ADVANCED ASSEMBLY AUTOMATION

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this product

“Because we decided to use SOLIDWORKS, we had the tools to optimize the design and accelerate development, enabling us to grab and cultivate a significant share of this market.” – Jeff Satwicz, Product Manager,  BIGBELLY SOLAR





BigBelly Solar designs and manufactures innovative solar-powered trash compaction systems



ATW’s Advanced Assembly Automation (AAA) division manufactures component assembly