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Master the SOLIDWORKS software at your fingertips with SolidXperts

For all needs, and for all levels

Thanks to its 20 years of experience, its certified and involved teams, SolidXperts can offer you complete quality SOLIDWORKS, Markforged, DriveWorks, and SWOOD training, and much more. Beginners, advanced users, general or software-specific courses in our offices or yours, improve your use of SOLIDWORKS, Markforged, DriveWorks, SWOOD and all your other solutions software, create better products and give your business a new impetus.

Additionally, choosing SolidXperts training allows you to credit your training hours with the College of Engineers, comply with the 1% law in Quebec regarding continuing education, and to receive financial assistance for training allocated by Employment Quebec. (Quebec only)

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Get the most out of SOLIDWORKS

with SolidXperts training


Training that meets your needs

Beginner? Experienced user? Any particular software? SolidXperts accompanies you.


SolidXperts adapts to your constraints

In our premises or in yours, on a specific project, we have the solution.


Certifications at the end.

SolidXperts is approved by the CPMT on behalf of the Minister of Employment and Social Solidarity.

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We have the solution

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Training made for you

Follow the SOLIDWORKS training in Montreal, Quebec, Nashua, or at home.

* Can’t find the training you are looking for? Contact us, we will schedule it with you.


In-class  Online Customized Solidworks Certifications


Training made for you

Follow the SOLIDWORKS training in Montreal, Quebec, Nashua, or at home.


IdTitre de la formationLieuDebutDurée (Jours)Langue
a0c5A00000TSiq8QADFormation DraftSightWeb2020-08-241Français
a0c5A00000ThQ3JQAVFormation - SWOOD DesignWeb2020-08-253Français
a0c5A00000SjHECQA3Formation SOLIDWORKS PDM Fondement de l'APIWeb2020-08-252Français
a0c5A00000SjkVhQAJFormation SOLIDWORKS VisualizeWeb2020-08-252Français
a0c5A00000TReQjQALFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques de modélisation des surfacesWeb2020-08-252Français
a0c5A00000Tffb8QABTraining - SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional AdministrationWeb2020-08-263English
a0c5A00000Te4jtQABFormation SOLIDWORKS InspectionWeb2020-08-271Français
a0c5A00000SjkVmQAJFormation SOLIDWORKS TôlerieWeb2020-08-272Français
a0c5A00000Tdur0QABFormation SOLIDWORKS MotionWeb2020-08-272Français
a0c5A00000ThEgyQAFTraining - SOLIDWORKS InspectionWeb2020-08-281English
a0c5A00000SjaTNQAZFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques avancée de modélisation des piècesWeb2020-09-012Français
a0c5A00000Te4krQABFormation Introduction à Visual Basic.netWeb2020-09-012Français
a0c5A00000Te4jyQABTraining - SOLIDWORKS Essentials Web2020-09-024English
a0c5A00000TYhNrQALFormation SOLIDWORKS Principes de l'utilisationWeb2020-09-034Français
a0c5A00000TeQTZQA3Formation SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard AdministrationWeb2020-09-082Français
a0c5A00000ThmkOQARFormation SOLIDWORKS Simulation ProfessionalWeb2020-09-082Français
a0c5A00000TYhQgQALTraining - SOLIDWORKS DrawingsWeb2020-09-082English
a0c5A00000Skw5mQABFormation SOLIDWORKS Techniques de modélisation des surfacesWeb2020-09-102Français
a0c5A00000SjHE2QANFormation SOLIDWORKS TolanalystWeb2020-09-151Français
a0c5A00000TYhQvQALFormation SOLIDWORKS Fondements de l'APIWeb2020-09-152Français
a0c5A00000SjaTXQAZFormation en ligne SolidXperts - Technique de modélisation des assemblagesWeb2020-09-152Français
a0c5A00000TSs3jQADTraining - Using SOLIDWORKS PDMWeb2020-09-161English
a0c5A00000ThxC1QAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Simulation StaticWeb2020-09-163English
a0c5A00000TSs3eQADFormation Utilisation de SOLIDWORKS PDMWeb2020-09-171Français
a0c5A00000Skw5hQABFormation SOLIDWORKS NouveautésWeb2020-09-181Français
a0c5A00000TYs3hQADFormation SOLIDWORKS Simulation StatiqueWeb2020-09-213Français
a0c5A00000TYhQqQALTraining - SOLIDWORKS VisualizeWeb2020-09-212English
a0c5A00000ThQ40QAFTraining - SOLIDWORKS Advanced Part Modeling Web2020-09-222English
a0c5A00000Tdur5QABFormation SOLIDWORKS VisualizeWeb2020-09-222Français
a0c5A00000ThxC6QAJTraining - SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal  Web2020-09-242English
a0c5A00000TYs2yQADFormation SOLIDWORKS Technique de modélisation des assemblagesWeb2020-09-242Français
a0c5A00000TYNIKQA5Formation SOLIDWORKS TôlerieWeb2020-09-242Français
a0c5A00000ThQ5cQAFFormation SOLIDWORKS Mises en planWeb2020-09-292Français
a0c5A00000Skw5wQABFormation SOLIDWORKS Conceptions de moulesWeb2020-09-292Français
a0c5A00000ThmkJQARFormation SOLIDWORKS Simulation PremiumWeb2020-09-293Français
a0c5A00000ThQ58QAFTraining - Introduction to Visual Basic.netWeb2020-10-062English
a0c5A00000ThxCGQAZFormation en ligne SolidXperts - Principes de l'utilisationWeb2020-10-084Français
a0c5A00000ThQ4TQAVTraining - SOLIDWORKS Surface Modeling Web2020-10-132English
a0c5A00000ThQ5NQAVTraining - SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation  Web2020-10-152English
a0c5A00000ThQ5IQAVTraining - SOLIDWORKS Composer - 3 daysWeb2020-10-203English
a0c5A00000TaVadQAFSOLIDWORKS Simulation StaticWeb2020-10-202English
a0c5A00000ThQ4YQAVTraining - SOLIDWORKS Mold DesignWeb2020-11-032English
a0c5A00000ThQ5DQAVTraining - SOLIDWORKS API FundamentalsWeb2020-11-102English
a0c5A00000ThQ5SQAVFormation SOLIDWORKS Flow SimulationWeb2020-11-122Français
a0c5A00000TarYaQAJSOLIDWORKS Simulation StaticWeb2020-11-243English

“Because we decided to use SOLIDWORKS, we had the tools to optimize the design and accelerate development, enabling us to grab and cultivate a significant share of this market.” – Jeff Satwicz, Product Manager,  BIGBELLY SOLAR
“SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation allowed us to reconfigure the tool and reach the miners faster.” – Rudy Lyons, R&D Manager CENTER ROCK INC.
“We got to use many of the great tools SOLIDWORKS provides for achieving standardized procedures and process automation.” – Bill Budde, President,  ATW ADVANCED ASSEMBLY AUTOMATION

They use

this product

“Because we decided to use SOLIDWORKS, we had the tools to optimize the design and accelerate development, enabling us to grab and cultivate a significant share of this market.” – Jeff Satwicz, Product Manager,  BIGBELLY SOLAR





BigBelly Solar designs and manufactures innovative solar-powered trash compaction systems



ATW’s Advanced Assembly Automation (AAA) division manufactures component assembly