We are excited to announce the release of SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS version 6.0, which brings a wealth of new functionalities and significant improvements to streamline your structural steel design workflow. This latest update is designed to enhance your productivity and simplify your design process with new tools and refined features.


What makes SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS 6.0 stand out from previous versions?

SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS 6.0 introduces groundbreaking features like the interactive Introductory Assistant and revamped Drawing Assistant, streamlining the design process and enhancing productivity. With enhanced management tools, SDNF data updates, and bug fixes, this update ensures smoother workflows and empowers users to achieve unparalleled efficiency and precision in structural steel design.


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Introducing the New Features

Introductory Assistant

Starting with SolidSteel parametric has never been easier, thanks to the new interactive Introductory Assistant. This built-in tutorial guides you through your initial designs, covering basic working methods, handling profiles, components, and connections. No need to search for external resources—the Introductory Assistant offers a structured, step-by-step learning experience directly within the software, ensuring you can quickly become proficient in using SolidSteel parametric.

Introductory Assistant for SolidSteel parametric

Drawing Assistant

Recognizing the critical role of shop drawings in many companies, the new Drawing Assistant has been completely redesigned based on user feedback.


SolidSteel parametric interface with an engineering drawing of a mechanical part


This feature now includes:


– Dedicated User Interface: Easily manage all parts, assemblies, and their status in relation to drawings. Decide whether to create new drawings, update existing ones, or not create drawings at all for each part.


– Automated Shop Drawings: Automatically generate shop drawings for all profiles, sheets, welded assemblies, and main/sub-assemblies created with SolidSteel parametric. This includes parts created with standard SOLIDWORKS functions, provided they follow the SolidSteel parametric part template.


– Individual Drawing Settings: Customize drawing templates for each part and assembly, allowing for different bill of material formats on assembly and welded assembly drawings.


– Update Function: Preserve all existing drawing information when parts are modified. Only the dimensions affected by the change are updated, saving you from redundant work during late design changes.


– BOMs on Drawings: Automatically include bills of materials on assembly and welded assembly drawings based on your drawing templates, eliminating manual rework.


– Dimensioning Options: Choose between chain dimensioning and ordinate dimensioning based on your project needs or company standards.


Enhanced Diagnostic and Management Tools

Diagnostics Tab

– View profiles, create ToDo entries, and edit profiles directly from the Diagnostics tab.


SolidSteel parametric Diagnostics tab displaying new menu options


ToDo Manager

– Automatically load and update ToDos when opening an assembly.

– Temporarily store ToDos when switching between assemblies.

– Delete multiple entries simultaneously.



PDM Equal Part Detection

– The “Finalize” function has been renamed to “PDM Equal Part Detection”, for a bit more clarity.

– Post-detection changes on the assembly are blocked to ensure consistency.


SolidSteel parametric ToDo tab displaying new menu options


SDNF Data and Profile Updates

– Detailed change tracking for SDNF files.

– Updated profile database with UK standards including CHS, SHS, and RHS as per EN 10210 and EN 10219, and flat, square, and round bars as per EN 10025-2.


Additional Improvements

Manual Bolting

– Position holes and bolted connections using hole sketches for precise customization.


Holes and bolted connections positioned using hole sketches in SolidSteel


Miscellaneous and Bug Fixes

– Enhanced stability and error corrections across various functionalities, including SDNF import, diagnostics, railings, and connection management.

– Improved handling and editing of profiles, connections, and bolted joints.


Important Note: Password Update Required

To use the new version 6.0.0, you will need to request new passwords. You can conveniently request these through the Klietsch PasswordCenter or from your SolidXperts representative.



SolidSteel parametric for SOLIDWORKS version 6.0 is packed with powerful features and improvements to make your design process more efficient and intuitive. From the comprehensive Introductory Assistant to the robust Drawing Assistant and beyond, this update ensures you can achieve higher levels of automation and significant time savings in your daily work.


For more information or to request your new passwords, contact SolidXperts today and take your structural steel design to the next level with SolidSteel parametric 6.0.


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