Out with the old, in with the electric lime

SolidXperts is stepping into the future with a brand-new image that reflects our commitment to innovation, collaboration, and cutting-edge solutions. Buckle up, because we’re about to take you on an exciting rebranding journey.

A Vibrant Color Palette

Say goodbye to the classic primary blue and red – we’ve traded them for something bolder. Our new color scheme features electric lime and deep navy blue. Why? Because we believe these hues resonate better with the dynamic CAD and technology landscape. They’re fresh, energetic, and ready to light up our brand.

Farewell, Red ‘X’ Logo

Remember the red ‘X’ in our old logo? Though loved, it’s officially retired.





We’ve embraced simplicity and elegance. Our new logo is sleek, discreet, and carries a touch of intrigue. Picture an illuminating electric lime spotlight – that’s us! Precision, focus, and the spirit of innovation.

The Three-Stage Rollout

SolidXperts is giving itself a digital makeover. Our website, marketing materials, and everything in between are leveling up. We want them to look sleek, modern, and cohesive – like a well-organized Feature Tree.



We’re kicking things off with a visual makeover. Our website, marketing materials, and merch are getting a visual upgrade.



Follow us on our social channels! We’ll be sharing industry insights, success stories, and glimpses behind the scenes. Get ready for engaging content that sparks conversations.





SolidXperts hasn’t had the best track record with its rebrandings in the past. Its most recent changes left many thinking, ‘why’, more than ‘wow”. We promise this will be our last makeover for a long time.


But! Our new look doesn’t change the high-quality service and solutions you’ve come to expect from your friendly neighborhood SOLIDWORKS reseller and authorized training center. In fact, our refresh comes with a renewed passion for innovation. We’re not just about CAD models, we’re about turning ideas into reality. Whether it’s a sleek aerodynamic car body or a complex assembly of gears, our team is fueled and ready to go.


SXP: Empowering Innovation from Behind the Scenes

As we embark on this exciting journey, we’d like to shed light on the transformation happening within our parent company, SolidXperience. While SolidXperts takes center stage, SolidXperience will gracefully fade into the supportive background, allowing its brands to shine independently and amplify their own unique value propositions.

First, say goodbye to the tongue-twisting “SolidXperience.” We’re streamlining it to a sleek and memorable acronym: SXP. To the point and impactful.





Plus, hidden in plain sight, the SXP emblem will be our silent ambassador. It won’t scream for attention, but those who recognize it will understand its significance. This emblem encapsulates the full range of 3D design and manufacturing solutions that both SolidXperts and our sister brand, Mecanica, have to offer. It’s the key to unlocking a world of possibilities for our valued customers.


Join the Conversation

We invite you to be part of this exciting journey. Follow us on social media, stay tuned for our revamped website, and share your thoughts. Let’s collaborate, innovate, and shape the future together.