Product development managers, directors, and vice presidents constantly make sure their teams are coordinated, and the products they design are cost-effectively manufactured, marketable, dependable, ergonomic, and useful.


From initial design, all the way through to final manufacture, even a streamlined traditional product development process generates enormous volumes of data, frequently from several disconnected applications. Thousands of files, including parts, assemblies, drawing files, and files for simulation and manufacturing (OH MY!) may be found as integral pieces of a mechanical design project. Additionally, legacy files must be kept organized and accessible for efficient reuse. No one likes duplicating work. The management of everyday communication files, including spreadsheets, PDFs, and emails (among countless others), is also crucial, now more so than ever before.


How can this data be promptly and efficiently captured, managed, and used for your company’s advantage?


For those in charge of product development, finding and keeping the proper personnel has grown to be a constant worry. Nowadays, location is rarely a deciding factor in hiring, so allowing flexibility in terms of location has become critical as companies look for new ways to attract, retain, and motivate workers. The top talent seeks employment with cutting-edge businesses. Additionally, staff members who are given the freedom to reach their full potential and continually advance their abilities are happier and less inclined to walk away from a position.


The comprehensive corporate innovation portfolio, 3DEXPERIENCE Works, links all your people, data, and apps in a single environment, allowing all important stakeholders to take part in the creation of new products. It makes use of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform on the cloud and combines the strength of SOLIDWORKS with other top-tier technologies from Dassault Systèmes.


How can 3DEXPERIENCE Works help product development leaders as we enter the new generation of product design and development?


Makes Decisions More Efficient

The communication process between design/engineering teams and non-technical stakeholders, who frequently occupy executive-level decision-making positions, has always been difficult to maintain. To provide critical input and provide the go-ahead for initiatives, these stakeholders must fully comprehend product concepts. Without a clear grasp of engineering’s goal, tensions can easily rise, sometimes leading to communication breakdowns and painfully delaying the decision-making or even final manufacturing and market delivery processes.


Using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform’s cloud-based collaboration capabilities gives non-engineering decision-makers a clear, concise, and curated window into that design process. Team members can explore models on the cloud-based platform at their own pace, regardless of their level of technical expertise. It enables people to take part in real-time reviews without needing to have the necessary 3D CAD skills.


Collaboration and productivity on the front end soar when non-technical owners, executives, and managers are given early access to the design review process. Decisions are made more quickly, with wider spread agreement. It is simpler to express worries, find problems, and provide remedies. Potential problems are identified early in the procedure, preventing delays later on in the process.


*Permission-based access may be granted to suppliers and clients so they can contribute to the security product record.


Manages Data More Efficiently

A few of the everyday issues encountered by product development executives and their teams include knowing who is working on what projects, when each phase of a project is due, why delays occur, and how to handle all the data.


The portfolio from 3DEXPERIENCE Works was created specifically to control the product development life cycle. Teams may offer their departmental knowledge at key points throughout the process thanks to simple-to-use applications. Everyone may easily obtain status updates via a dashboard view since the tools are interconnected.


This is fantastic news for SOLIDWORKS customers and other small-to-medium sized enterprises who lack the resources to set up a sophisticated data management system. Say goodbye to data extractions, screenshots, emails, Excel spreadsheets, and a jumble of other departmental tools thanks to 3DEXPERIENCE Works solutions. To reduce mistakes and communication blunders, the platform automatically maintains an audit trail of both engineering and communications data.


Data management for product development is increasingly favored using cloud-based PLM technologies. Smaller businesses can scale as their firm expands and invest only in the technologies they actually need. At its foundation, 3DEXPERIENCE Works has just one product definition.


*Depending on their role and access privileges, everybody within the firm may see, change, and contribute to one continuous process.


Ensures Collaboration

Small-to-medium sized firms still frequently use phone calls, emails, and even, occasionally, faxes as their main methods of client communication. However, manufacturing utilizing the 3DEXPERIENCE platform is automatically in-sync with product development. Regardless of whether things are made in-house or by other parties.


Lack of coordination can reduce production and raise the cost of the final product. With the aid of the tools provided by a cloud-based platform, you can establish project Communities where you can invite everyone involved, including clients and suppliers, to work more securely and efficiently.


Upstream issues that might be costly are avoided by using real-time design for manufacturing input from the shop floor or suppliers. Additionally, the platform records every conversation, making it possible to backtrack activities.


*Late-stage product difficulties are eliminated when designers and engineers are involved in manufacturing early in the process.


Everyone Moves in Unison

Utilizing each member of your team’s area of expertise is made simpler by the design-through-manufacturing solutions portfolio offered by 3DEXPERIENCE Works. On the platform, basic data management is already integrated, and if your business develops and your needs change, you can add or change your features and roles. Additionally, you have access to technologies created specifically for product development that are accessible to all important stakeholders, including executives, design engineers, shop floor workers, and suppliers.


For more information about the 3DEXPERIENCE Works portfolio, or to see how you would benefit from a secure and easy shift to cloud-based PDM or PLM workflows, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Xperts.