Written by Tech Support Group Director – Trung Ha

Did you know that you can access and use your SOLIDWORKS from anywhere? Users can simply log in with their SOLIDWORKS ID on the MySolidworks website and launch their SOLIDWORKS! SOLIDWORKS online licensing is available to all customers regardless of their subscription status. The SOLIDWORKS Admin can reassign an Online License at any time, as long as the license is not in use by the user.

SOLIDWORKS online licensing is a new model that ties one or more licenses of SOLIDWORKS products to a user’s SOLIDWORKS ID. With SOLIDWORKS online licensing, users have the flexibility to install and use SOLIDWORKS products on as many machines as they wish, without having to activate or deactivate machines every time. SOLIDWORKS’ customers can access all the products they are entitled to by simply login in using their SOLIDWORKS ID. All they need is a connection to the internet.

The Admin can select an asset and change it back from online licensing to machine activation at any time using the toggle option in the detailed product page if the license is not in use by the user.


To create a SOLIDWORKS ID:


SolidNetWork Licenses are ideal for medium to large size companies that want to share a pool of licenses over multiple users. On the other hand, single-user licenses with SOLIDWORKS online licensing are ideal for individuals that have their own license and want the flexibility to use SOLIDWORKS on multiple machines.

Only one user can be assigned to an Online License product.

SOLIDWORKS online licensing is available for the following single-user license products:


**Perpetual and temporary licenses are supported. SOLIDWORKS PDM and SolidNetWork Licensing (SNL) are not supported with online licensing. Home Use Licenses (HULs) are not currently supported.

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