This is fifth entry in our series: “Think it, Print it, Use it!”, which allows you to design and customize objects that will change your daily life and your habitual tasks. The subject of this blog is robotic arms.

In order to remain competitive as much as possible, many companies turn towards the automated process to speed up manufacturing, increase production, reduce risks, deliver finished products and enable companies to keep projects deliverable on time.

Several companies have turned to us regarding their interest in this technology, since it contributes to the market development and increases sales figures and overall turnover.

Our product manager for 3D printers, Charles-Olivier Provost, understood this challenge for potential profit, so he designed an end of arm tooling ready for printing on SOLIDWORKS. The piece was printed on the Markforged 3D printer, as it can produce the most solid and rigid parts on the market due to its CFF (Continuous Fiber Filament) printing technology.

6148-1Fig 1: design on SOLIDWORKS

6148-2Fig 2 : Eiger software

This design in the images is an example of a piece of equipment that goes to the extremity of the Fanuc M-710iC robot. It is not the whole piece but only the arm with a suction pad and a part of the central unit. The complete piece actually has four arms where the arm with the suction pads was made with Markforged using onyx and reinforced with carbon fiber.

Even if the part is somewhat strengthened, close to 40% of the maximal capacity, it weighs less than 4.4 oz. This lightweight aspect makes it possible to minimize the percentage of payload taken by the tooling, which presents a substantial advantage!

6148-3 6148-4

The flawless precision of Markforged printers makes it possible to fabricate a wide variety of effective tools with few adjustments. This is only one example among many others! You too can create with SOLIDWORKS and print your designs with a Markforged 3D printer. All you must do is think it, print it and use it!

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About SolidXperts:

Founded in 1998, SolidXperts is the supplier / integrator of Dassault Systèmes’ SOLIDWORKS 3D design solutions in Quebec and Eastern Canada. Seeing an opportunity for growth in the USA, SolidXperts opened in 2010 its Nashua (NH) office to serve the New England market.

For the past 20 years, SolidXperts has grown and accumulated expertise, offering its customers a complete solution that helps them meet their daily challenges.

With more than 3800 satisfied customers, SolidXperts offers a full range of 3D design solutions centered around the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD platform and Markforged 3D printers.

In addition, thanks to a wide range of services provided by certified specialists (training, technical support, programming, migration, commissioning, consulting), SolidXperts has assisted thousands of companies in migrating their design process to 3D technology, helping them be more efficient and successful.

SolidXperts can offer you a solution to meet your needs and help you in all your daily challenges.

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