PDM on the Cloud

Whether your firm is looking at implementing PDM for the first time or looking to move an existing PDM vault to the cloud, PDM on the Cloud, powered by EpiGrid’s technology, offers a secure and simple way to manage and share your product data. 


Since 2011, EpiGrid offers Cloud solutions for hosted SOLIDWORKS and PDM solutions. As the ONLY certified SOLIDWORKS Cloud Solutions, EpiGrid provides globally available secure public and private SOLIDWORKS Cloud options. Based in Georgia, USA, EpiGrid is at the forefront of security and technology with Data Centers all over the world and the industry’s best cybersecurity, for more information click here.


Dedicated Cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM as a Service 

  • The only fully managed SOLIDWORKS PDM cloud solution available in the manufacturing and product design industry, this comprehensive solution combines secure dedicated cloud hosting, Managed IT services, and Managed CAD services, making it ideal for engineering firms and manufacturers looking to implement PDM for first time or move an existing PDM vault to the cloud. Global collaboration is supported and IT resource limitations are no longer a burden for engineers and product designers, as every security and performance requirement is met. 

Global Hybrid Cloud

  • Global Hybrid Cloud is an innovative and powerful cloud computing platform that provides secure, reliable, and scalable computing power for organizations of all sizes. With its hybrid cloud model, organizations can take advantage of the high performance, scalability, and cost savings of private cloud infrastructure while leveraging the flexibility and global reach of public cloud services. Global Hybrid Cloud offers a comprehensive suite of services, including robust compute and storage capabilities, high-performance networking, and integrated security and compliance solutions.

Data Security

  • To provide the highest level of data security for our customers, state-of-the-art security measures ensure that your data is securely stored and safeguarded from unauthorized access. EpiGrid’s data centers are protected with advanced firewalls and encryption technology. We are constantly updating our security measures to stay ahead of the latest threats and vulnerabilities. With PDM on the Cloud, you can be assured that your data is secure and protected.

Managed IT Services

  • Take the IT burden off your engineering and IT team. Our dedicated cloud SOLIDWORKS PDM solution includes comprehensive managed IT services, so that your team can focus on design. With this solution, you can streamline your product data management and free up your server and IT staffing resources.

Sophos-protected architecture

  • EpiGrid has achieved a major breakthrough with its Sophos-protected architecture. Not only has it achieved significant performance improvements to reduce latency and increase network stability, but has also secured a competitive advantage thanks to the improved security that it offers. It is now easier to manage and distribute, granting comprehensive visibility and protection.

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