Onyx One

It’s time to reinvent your manufacturing with Markforged Onyx One, the most versatile FFF material available on the market for strong, accurate, and durable parts without needing to outsource. 

    What features do you get with Onyx One? 

    • Achieve beauty and power with both a best-in-class surface finish and the strength of Onyx, an extremely versatile micro-carbon fibre-filled nylon material. 
    • The unibody aluminium chassis and precision-machined components guarantee that you get reliability and repeatability for every print, over thousands of collective printing hours. 
    • A hardened extrusion system enables the Onyx One to print Onyx — a micro carbon fiber filled nylon filament notorious for eroding traditional extrusion systems — reliably over thousands of print hours. 
    • The Onyx One is built to be easily operated and maintained, featuring easy-to-reach wear components like nozzles and feed tubes and a print bed that can be removed and replaced with 10μm repeatability. 

    Printer Specs

    Part Characteristics
    3D Printer Characteristics
    Part Size
    Medium (Max: 14 in/40 cm)
    Fiber Reinforced
    Heat Resistant
    Flame retardant



    • The go-to Markforged composite for printing accurate parts with a smooth surface finish, Onyx is a Nylon base reinforced with chopped carbon fiber that boasts high chemical and heat resistance. Onyx prints enjoy both a high-end finish and twice the strength of parts from other composite printers. Try printing with embedded carbon fiber reinforcements for aluminum strength parts.
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