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Choosing Markforged composite series 3D printers means giving you the opportunity to realize your tooling, your small series, your templates or your prototypes directly within your company. Whether you want to test one of your new designs, or want to create a fully functional part, SolidXperts and Markforged have the printer you need.

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Composite printers allow you to work up to 50 times faster than conventional manufacturing. Choose from a base of nylon or onyx and reinforce it with carbon fiber, fiberglass or kevlar for strength and durability of the highest level. In addition to being more responsive, your business becomes more profitable: Your manufacturing costs can be up to 20 times lower.
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“We originally got a Mark One to print high-temperature bottle warmers. Once we saw how strong the parts were, we started printing tooling and fixtures.”

– Thomas Lipoma, Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer, Rest Devices

“Onyx is one of my favorite materials because it combines stronger composite material with the chemical resistivity of nylon. It hits the sweet spot for us in chemical resistance and strength.”

– J.R.Everett, Automation Technician, Dixon Valve

“These parts are developed very quickly, and it’s about one night to print a few parts for the machine. They are much stronger and more durable than any parts printed on a normal 3D printer.”

– Mateusz Loska, Professional Maintenance Specialist, Unilever


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The X7 pushes the boundaries of 3D printing by incorporating the latest technologies in the field through printing onyx or nylon, which you can reinforce with fiberglass, kevlar or carbon fiber. In addition, the X7 offers a large printing space and incorporates quality control thanks to a laser scan.

Download the X7 data sheet


Speed, durability, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness are what you expect from a 3D printer like the X5. But it has even more to offer your company with its onyx prints that have the opportunity to be strengthened with fiberglass, for large parts and greater strength.

Download the X5 data sheet


Enter another dimension of 3D printing, enter the Markforged industrial series with the X3. Enjoy superior print size for results that meet your needs. With outstanding onyx prints and undeniable precision, you can count on a solid, fully functional result.

Download the X3 data sheet

Mark Two

With the Mark Two, versatility is a given. Choose onyx for your prints, and reinforce them with fiberglass, kevlar, or carbon fiber. This blend of fiber allows your Mark Two to adapt to all your needs, and to meet the specific requirements of a project. Printing in nylon is also available.

Download the Mark Two data sheet

Onyx Pro

Speed and durability are the words that best sum up the Markforged Onyx Pro. Manufacture pieces of onyx and enjoy the opportunity to strengthen them with fiberglass. Compact, easy to use and easy to install, the Onyx Pro will quickly find its place in your company.

Download the Onyx Pro data sheet

Onyx One

The easiest and most economical way to get quality printing for your business needs. Perform onyx prints for a high-end finish and enjoy twice the strength of other composite printers.

Download the Onyx One data sheet

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