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Easily capture all angles of your object at speed

Professional 3D scanners

Handheld 3D scanners

Artec Space Spider

High precision, portable metrological 3D scanning solution based on blue-light technology, perfect for capturing small objects with intricate details, such as a cylinder head, coins or a human ear.

Artec Eva

The best selling portable 3D scanner for fast, accurate scanning. Great for capturing all kinds of medium-sized objects such as a motorcycle exhaust system, measurements of the human body or furniture.

Artec Eva Lite

The most affordable handheld 3D scanner for professional results. A good option for taking measurements for medical applications and creating customized healthcare solutions.

Creating highly accurate 3D models of objects with various textures, sizes and geometries

Portable 3D Scanners

Artec 3D is a global leader in 3D scanning technology, providing the best and most comprehensive 3D scanners and processing software applicable in a wide range of industries