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Solar Infra, Inc., a leading manufacturer of solar panels sought to overcome the environmental limitations of standard solar arrays and extend the reach of solar power through the development of the Solar Infra, Inc. AC-Enabled (ACE) solar panel, a rugged solar array with internal DC-to-AC inversion. The company needed a development platform that supported collaboration with its partners.


Solar Infra, Inc. chose SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD and SOLIDWORKS Simulation software because the full integration of design and analysis tools would save time, reduce costs, and carry the greatest potential for making a breakthrough in solar panel design. By using SOLIDWORKS, the company doubled the strength of its solar panel frames, reduced manufacturing costs, saved $100,000 in prototype development costs, and extended the reach of clean, renewable solar power.


  • Doubled the strength of solar panel frames
  • Reduced manufacturing costs by 25%
  • Saved $100,000 in prototype development costs
  • Extended the reach of clean, renewable solar power


Industry: Renewable Energies